Tablo Subscription Store Now Open

Today we’re very excited to announce the launch of the final component to the Tablo system: the Tablo subscription store

Starting now, at, you will be able to purchase a guide data subscription for your Tablo as well as create and log in to your My Tablo Account to view your subscription details like start and end dates as well as which Tablo units are associated to your account. 

Please note that your free guide data subscription trial start date has been reset to August 1st (or if it’s brand new, when your Tablo first connects with our server). This means you have until the end of the month to complete the subscription activation process if you’d like to maintain access to the rich guide data and awesome Tablo features you’ve been enjoying.

For a full overview as well as instructions on how to purchase a Tablo subscription, check out this blog post

@TabloTV, all Tablo’d up :stuck_out_tongue:

@Jestep - Awesome!!! Thank you  :-bd

Hope you found the process easy!

Yes, except for me putting in the wrong expiration date :stuck_out_tongue:

@TabloTV, now when I go to the page via my iPad app, it should recognize my account :wink: So I don’t have to login

USER ERROR! :)) (On the expiration date.)

@TabloTV, No X( it asked me to login. It should just recognize, maybe the iPad app or whatever device should send Tablo info along with the URL request so it logs in automatically :wink:

Don’t make me go all Tablo on you!  Yea, that works, I need to add that to the Urban Dictionary ! HA!

Hahaha - we’ll add that to the feature request list :slight_smile:


I get a ". Duplicate active Tablo serial number found " when I try to add my Tablo to my. Lifetime Subscription.

@dtablo do you see it in you subscription list? As soon as I gave my Tablo ID when setting up it was already there.

@dtablo - Send a note to @TabloSupport and let them know what ID you’re trying to add. We’ll get that sorted out for you.

One thing I noticed is that the Tablo on record was the original Tablo shipped to me.  Since I have had a replacement since then, I had to add that one.  It was easy, but for those that have replacements, just be aware and add them manually.

What happened was that I got an News type E-mail saying that the Subcription service was now operational so I went there and set up an account. Unfortunately I have an alternative E-mail account and another Tablo E-mail came there that said Tablo had set up an account for me.

@dtablo - Aha, sorry for the confusion! Were you able to log in to your account with your alternate e-mail? 

@snowcat - Good tip! 

I now have one account that has a Lifetime Subsciption but can not add my Tablo and another that has six months on the Tablo. Sent info to Support yesterday…no reply.

@dtablo - Was just looking at your case with support! We’ll get this sorted out for you shortly :) 

Everything seems to be staightened out now.

Thank You !

:-bd  Great! Glad to hear it! 

@dtablo :smiley: