Tablo still missing the most basic of controls? (old thread)

I seem to be confused… is there not a record button available in the roku app? I don’t ever dvr but I wanted to record something and noticed I had no way to from within the roku app. Am I missing something? Or did tablo actually abandon the product 2 years ago?

Click on the program in the guide and hit Record.

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I don’t see any justification for that comment at all.


2 record buttons, actually:

  1. Go to Live TV category, select a program from the grid, click the OK button.
  2. Go to Guide category, select a program from the right, click the OK button.
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Go to “Live TV”
Thenselect your channel (on the grid)
Then select the series
Then select “Rdcord Episode”
That is all to it.

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Very true statement!:grinning:

The tablo server has a feature flag for every server feature. If the feature flag is on the feature works. Off the feature is disabled.

Tablo developers have been working on a secret AI project.

Based on the users correct knowledge and usage of each feature the specific feature flag will left on. Otherwise the feature flag will be turned off and the feature disabled.

After a while some users will notice that their tablo server is unreachable and after a reboot only the blue light is on.

While this looks like a failed power supply it simply indicates that all the features have been disabled.

Guide is not available unless you pay monies… since I dont dvr I don’t pay monies. I should not need access to the guide window to record from the grid.

Selecting the series on the “Grid” simply opens up the channel… even if said show isn’t airing.

Because unless it is really well hidden…I am suspecting you can’t record outside of the guide from a roku… which is downright stupid because as I said… it means as of now I can’t actually record anything even though it should be the most simple of features that should be in several UI locations.

You get a free 24 hour live TV grid even when you don’t pay for a subscription.

If you want to record something in the future more than 24 hours out/away, you have to use the manual recording setup without a paid subscription. It is clearly outlined here:

Actually the knowledge base says this:

“ Users without a subscription will be able to schedule recordings 24-hours in advance. For more information on using Tablo without a subscription, visit our blog post.”

And from the blog post, so it should work just fine.

Live TV Grid View
With or without a subscription, you’ll be able to see a full 24 hours of programming within the Live TV grid view. From here you can also play live TV and set recordings.”

When you select a show from the grid don’t hit the play button, hit the OK button on the Roku remote. This should let you set it to record.

It does not.

It does.

Maybe @TabloTV or @TabloSupport can chime in and let us know if you can record from the Live TV grid without a paid subscription.

All their documentation says it should work. I unfortunately (or fortunately) have a subscription so I can’t test it for you with my Roku.

There is no place to setup a manual recording in the roku app.

Yes I know the no manual recording screen in the Roku app.

But say if you want to record the show at 10 am tomorrow, you should be able to scroll to said episode in the live TV grid, hit OK and schedule it to record.

Nope. You can go 12 hours in, click ok on the future show, and it just loads the channel.