Tablo still missing the most basic of controls? (old thread)

What Roku model are you using?

And when you go to the show say 10 hours ahead, hit the OK button on the remote, not the Play button.

Hitting the play button will cause the channel to play what is currently airing.

After a while you have to admit defeat.

You don’t know what Roku model, What the Roku OS version is, what tablo OS version, what the tablo app version is, if there is a disk connected, tablo subscription, what tablo model, etc, etc, etc.

Tablo app 2.7
Roku tv model 7103x
Software version 8.1.0 build 4139-30

I didnt name them because it was all up to date.

Hit the series name not the channel. Should go into the series. Than 2 buttons : first says “Watch” , next days “Record Episode”. It’s not saying that You may need to do an update on the Roku.

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Are you in a “Beta” -testing app?
My Tablo Roku App is Tablo Firmware 2.2.22
Roku Channel Version 2.7.0
Software Version 8.1.0•build 4159

Nothing should be beta. 2.2.22 firmware aswell.

You can only scroll ahead 11.5 hrs, unless you have a Tablo Guide subscription. Those cost $4.99m , $49.99 yr, $149.99 lifetime.

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I keep telling you all, I click ok on a show that is not airing yet and it still just activates the channel. Zero menus pop up.

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I wasnt being literal on how far I went ahead. Also I thought it downloads 48 hours on the free sub.

This is what my model 4640X- Roku Ultra does …

Sorry came up in reverse order.

Yea that’s what I’m expecting. Do you have a sub?

Sorry, I don’t. You may want to submit a ticket with support in the morning. (I know it doesn’t help for tonight.)

That is very weird. Yea I’ll submit an official ticket, looks like a bug.

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What’s different for you then a lot of people on the forum is that you are using a Roku TV. And I thought they were rolling out the new Roku OS 9 on Roku TV’s first. But luckily you are still on 8.1.

My Roku 3 (4200) and Roku 2 (4210) work fine. But support always asks how many channels I have loaded. Or if I have added any new channels recently. Probably because older Rokus can run out of memory.

A few days ago someones Roku 4 died and went to heaven.

Due to tablo crashing if I view channels that don’t come in perfect, I don’t have anything but the escential channels enabled.

I believe he meant the number of channels or apps loaded in the Roku not the number of channels the Tablo has.

Might not be too helpful but it’s pretty easy to schedule future manual recordings at the same time each day on the same channel using the Android app or a PC/Mac/whatever by browsing to Use the menu on the top left to navigate to “scheduled”. Then press the + sign in the top right corner. I suspect this should even work if you use the browser on your Roku till this bug gets figured out.

You must be on the same network as the Tablo to do this.

Can you please take a photo of what you’re seeing in the Roku UI?

So you hit OK on the tv show (not the call sign of the channel), and the pop up only has a “Watch” button to select? No “Record Episode” button?

Not even getting a popup. Just opens into the current program.

Ah I see. Yea only about 10 channels installed. I know I can setup records on my phone but I shouldn’t have to. Especially since the tablo was intended for the less tech savvy in my household.

We agree but unfortunately Roku doesn’t have this capability yet for folks without a subscription.

It’s something we’re working on adding.

You can schedule manual recordings from the web and mobile apps at the moment.

You can also do it from Amazon Fire TV/Android TV if you’ve got one of those.

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