Tablo Stalling out when fast forwarding a recorded program

Often I will start recording a ballgame and then start watching it later so I can FFWD through the commercials. I use a ROKU stick and app for my Table. That process has been working beautifully until this weekend during a ballgame. I was fast forwarding through a commercial and it stalled out and just sat there with the progress bar loading and never did anything. I had to unplug and plug the Tablo back in in order to see the program. Needless to say I missed some of the ballgame and I had to start a new recording–which also did the same thing twice. I had to give up and watch the rest of the game live with the commercials — ugghh!!! Anyone know what is going on? I think I remember that there was a new update pushed out recently-- can’t exactly remember when.

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Started happening when my Roku 4 updated to firmware v8.0 build 4108.

What was your “Fix” for the problem?

I don’t have a fix, unfortunately.
Was working great before the Roku OS v8.0 update.
Wait, I just remembered that sometimes a Roku OS update can mess up hardwired networking.
I’m gonna try using my Roku via wifi to see if it helps, at least until the hardwired networking is fixed.

This seems very similar to a problem that I’ve reported to Tablo yesterday as well. Still waiting to hear back from them.

Edit: To verify if this is the same problem we’re talking about, I have now experienced this twice. In each instance, we were streaming to two devices and both devices hung for several minutes. Each time it was precipitated by fast-forwarding on the Roku stream. The hang, however reflects back into the Tablo, blocking both devices from streaming.

I had my Roku 4 lock up playing a recorded program after a fast-forward procedure. Not noticed before my Roku updated to version 8 firmware.

If it happens again, check if the Roku is responsive if you switch to a different streaming app. In my case other apps on Roku were responding, while Tablo apps on other devices were also unresponsive - thus leading me to believe the issue is with Tablo itself and that the Tablo is going through some internal reset/restart

I see two thread responders who indicated the problem started with Roku OS update 8. And two responders who didn’t indicate what Roku OS they were on.

If you go back a year or two you’ll find threads talking about a Roku OS release where only the 2x and 3x fast forward caused the Roku to freeze and after a timeout reboot. It took a few releases before the issue was completely fixed.

I do have the Roku OS 8.0 version. Haven’t checked for more precise details. Kind of annoying that Roku issues should reflect on only one app - Tablo and not the other mainstream apps we use. I’m sympathetic in that I understand that Tablo’s development team is much smaller and has to cover a wide front, but it’s glitchy in so many aspects.

It does, however make it a really hard sell to convince my family that Tablo is our OTA solution.

I know that TIVO doesn’t support multiple devices, but I’m in the position that I’m strongly considering getting a TIVO for one TV so that my wife can have a better viewing experience.

I guess the Tablo team are fighting so many fires, they’re spread thin. I submitted this as a ticket on Sunday night. Other than the acknowledgement, I’ve not heard back from Support either.

All of my Roku’s have the 7.7 OS release and thus don’t have this problem at 1x, 2x, or 3x fast forward.

I believe tablo records OTA as a HLS file format and uses the HLS player available on most set top players. HLS is a large number of small files extending into the future - schedule end of recording.

Maybe it’s possible that 3x fast forward at the end of currently recording show could cause a file fetch beyond what has actually been recorded. Causing a timeout.

But since I record at 720p and am on the 7.7 Roku OS I don’t see the problem. Or maybe I realize that I’m almost at the end of the current recording position and don’t try to fast forward into the future.

Hey folks - We’re taking a closer look at this now that we have a few more Roku devices on 8.0.

Those of you experiencing issues, can you try going to your Roku’s settings and rebooting your Roku AT LEAST once?

Settings > System > Power > System Restart

Let us know how things go afterwards…

I updated my two Roku 3’s 4 or 5 days ago - and they work just fine. Can see NO difference compared to before update.

Did as you suggested. Not any better tonight. Actually is froze up when I was advancing using the “right arrow” button on the ROKU on a program that had already completed its’ recording cycle. I had to unplug my Tablo Machine in order for it to clear up. This has become very frustrating.

Also. the labels on my “live TV” guide have become very confused. The label descriptions do not match the actual channel. Though the channel is the correct channel-- just labeled incorrectly.

John D. Haeger

Next time it stalls like that, give it a few minutes - I’d say no more than 5 or so and see if it doesn’t automagically recover itself. It does for me.

I was seeing that as well yesterday before I rebooted the ROKU a few times. We’ll continue testing today and keep investigating. All of the info you guys can provide is helpful!

Updated my Roku 3 to version 8.0 4128 last night. The Roku locked up and rebooted twice while I was exiting shows on the Tablo. Do not see anything like this in the Roku forum. Anyone else having this issue? Have a solution?

Tried that and id didn’t work-- just sat there in a locked up position. Had to reboot system-- lost part of the program I was watching/recording. Aaarrrggghhh!!!

Maybe some problems are specific to the point release. I saw some posts where on 11/5 the 4200 roku 3 got release:

Software version 8.0.0, build 4108-04

Me Too! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Has now happened twice to me, both of mine were recorded shows, fast forwarding, get past the commercials, hit play, locks up.

Roku Ultra,

Same thing happened to me last night on my 2nd gen. Amazon Fire Stick, so it’s not just Roku having issues. Also been having a lot of buffering and dropped connections. I’ve deleted the app and re-downloaded it after first clearing the data on the tablo app on my Fire Stick which didn’t work ,… restarted the tablo, restarted my cable/internet modem (paying for 50mbps internet speed but getting 65 to 70mbps consistently),… I don’t know what else I can do on my end.:roll_eyes: