Tablo Server Outage?

Are the Tablo servers down? I have been trying to access my 4th Gen Tablo for an hour now with no luck. Have tried both resetting and power cycling.

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I’m also having problems getting past the Tablo login screen. What’s going on?

But, that’s why I have a splitter on my antenna cable - so when there’s a problem with Tablo (servers down or Internet down) I can switch directly to the TV.

This Tablo server issue has been happening more frequently.


Me too here in Pennsylvania. Did a factory reset. App now stuck on location request.

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I’m down too

I can not get past the guide updating screen on start up. If this is a constant issue then I wasted $100.00 on this device that I have owned a couple days over a month, just past the return cut off date.

Mine boots to unknown error on both fire tv and android phone. Tried resetting 4th gen and network. Didn’t fix.

You know, since the Tablo is supposed to download 2 weeks of guide data, it would be nice if we could still access live TV and our recordings, even if the servers go down. I get that it requires an internet connection, but what is the point of having 2 weeks of guide if we can’t use it if Tablo is having issues with their servers?

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A notification on their website would be nice. Nothing bu issues!


Same trouble here in California (cant get past start screen on TV, “Unknown error” on Android). Rebooting Roku and Tablo did not fix it. This is the second time this has happened in a few weeks Tablo acknowledged the problem the first time, we’ll see if they do this time.

I agree with jah5150 that you should still be able to use Tablo even if the servers are down.


I know it’s no consolation, but being able to access your recordings is quite an improvement from just a month or two ago.

FWIW, OTA records just fine during these outages. This morning, it looks like a FAST stations is recording, too. I will check on it in a few hours when it’s done.

Hope this eases some minds if you’re worried about future recordings… but yes, this is getting ridiculous. Hopefully, they implement more offline features in the next firmware update.

I’ll say it again: @TabloTV , @TabloSupport , @TabloCEO @TabloEngineering – You need to have someone on-call for these issues. There needs to be someone we can notify when there is an outage after hours.


Should be able to watch the channels even without guide data. Just select the channel like, IDK, a TV!


Looks like I need to add a splitter to mine, when Tablo servers go down. What a pain in the a$$!

Can you explain how you set up a splitter, when you have a coax input and HDMI output? Thanks!

LOL… on a whim, I called Tech Support.

I can’t even begin to tell you how many times in 5 min the gentleman asked me to reboot my Tablo and check my network. Not to mention repeating twice that this is the first he’s heard of this “ongoing issue.” So! This tells us there’s a disconnect between what their own support can do versus what someone higher up is able to do.

It also lets us know that:

  • They have no way to contact anyone for an emergency or immediate fix
  • They are not monitoring their servers
  • Tech support has no idea how to help other than on the user end
  • Not even tech support monitors the forums

At the end of the call, I got the impression that this will just be a note somewhere or another support ticket opened up for my individual device. Only words hinting at more were that he would “let the investigation team know” about this “ongoing issue.”

Call at your own discretion – i’d hate to see them inundated with calls about server outages, but it’s not like they can do any real tech support until the servers are back up anyway!


Yes, down in Iowa too. Might be last straw. Sick of this device. Worst consumer experience ever. Tablo just can’t seem to get it right.

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Unacceptable… they can spend money on advertising, but they are truly lacking actual support when there are issues. They act like a bunch of rookies… if they keep this up, the company is going under.


The splitter is on the Antenna cable. One side of the splitter goes to the Tablo antenna input and the other side goes to the TV antenna input. To use the TV directly, press the “source” button on the TV remote and select the TV. To use the Tablo, select the HDMI channel you have your streaming device on. When using the TV directly, you would have previously done a scan of the OTA channels so that would be all ready.

It sounds like a complete breakdown between departments – but it’s hard to say because it’s a weekend.

The problem really comes down to WHO can look into it? Some poor lad in India can’t head over to HQ and reboot the server… IDK.

The thing that bothers me the most about this is we’ll just get a small, short message on Monday morning that “there was a small server outage, but everything’s up and running now!” without any more info or how they’ll prevent it … or really, any acknowledgement about how inconvenient this has been.


Can’t get past the “Getting the latest free shows and movies” screen on roku. 0750 CT
This and other bugs are why, when friends ask, I can’t recommend Tablo gen 4 to anyone not willing or able to tinker, and put up with unreliability.
The audience would be vast if T would “just work”.


My old Tablo cannot connect either.

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… at all? Or just to access certain features?