Tablo Roku App (4th Gen) Update (v. 0.8.600)

Hi folks -

An update is now available for the newest Tablo Roku Channel for 4th generation Tablo devices. This includes a few bug fixes as well as some overall performance improvements.

If you’ve already got the latest Tablo channel installed, and your ROKU is set to automatic updates, you should see version 0.8.600 very soon. You can also manually update the channel by going to SETTINGS > SYSTEM > SYSTEM UPDATE from your Roku home screen.

Here’s what you can expect:

Tablo Roku App (4th Gen) Update (v. 0.8.600)

  • Fix for issue where live TV grid may not load all available guide data for users in the Pacific Time Zone
  • Fix for issue where the recent channels filter in the live TV grid was not displaying the correct data
  • Fix for issue where the favorites filter in the live TV grid was not displaying all selected favorite channels
  • Other bug fixes and performance improvements

As always, if you have any questions or encounter any problems, feel free to post them below or touch base directly with support.


ooooh… thanks @TabloTV

We’ll see what stability issues this fixes. Makes me a little grumpy that they told me over and over to restart roku, check my connections when the guide data wasn’t loading only to see they have tweaked something in this release that addresses this.

Just updated my devices… works so far.

Seems a little snappier! Data seems to load faster.

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Funny thing I installed the update to Roku, and Tablo on Roku worked OK.
Then I went to my ipad to use Tablo and to my surprise the ios app could not find Tablo. The ios app advised me to reboot my router and then reboot Tablo. I did so and the ios app was then able to find my Tablo.
Mus be pure coincidence that the IOS Tablo app hiccuped right after the Tablo Roku app got updated?

Still hangs with “Loading Data”. And now channel 30.1 does not show up at all even though it shows on the iPad app and in the channel list. Roku model 4670RW version

It seems that on occasion, if you’re trying to access your Tablo right on the hour, it might give an error.

I only suggest this, unsure if you tried the iOS app multiple times.

I just saw the thread about this top of the hour slipup and will pay attention.
I have noticed from day one that a recording may get hung up if I am recording two live shows back to back i.e. 1300-1400 and 1400-1500, on the same station.
Come to think when I am watching live shows back to back on the same station, at least on the roku app, the app will briefly come to a stop at the end of the first hour, and then start up again at the beginning of the second hour. There is a clean break at the top of the hour.

After installing the latest Tablo Roku App I still have 2 issues that remain…

(1) If we are recording back to back shows on the same channel AND we are also watching these shows live at the same time, then we noticed at the top of the hour between the two shows we get kicked back to the guide and we have to re-select the channel to continue watching the channel live.

(2) If we have been watching one channel for a long time (say 1-2 hours) and then eventually go back to the guide to try and select another channel, that channel will not launch. We have to exit the Tablo Roku App and restart it and then we can select and launch the new channel to get it to launch.

Both of these issues were there before this latest update and they continue to have these same issues after the update. So these need to be looked at and fixed in a future release.

For the record, I’m using a Roku Ultra for my streaming device. I have 2 separate Gen4 2 channel Tablo’s in different homes with the same Roku Ultra/Tablo setup and both display these same issues.

When you are watching live, are you watching live by selecting the channel (far left of the guide) or the actual show? I don’t have a 4th gen Tablo but if you are selecting the show, I believe that’s expected behavior. If you want it to continue after that show select the channel itself when watching live.


Per @269587 and my experience with this… This may sound like… Tuner 1 is recording, Tuner 2 is you watching.

Then 2nd show is about to start. Tuner 2 starts recording. Boots you out. Then you log back in with Tuner 1 to watch it.

I think the Tablo is prioritized to record over watching.

edit: not saying its a bug or not… just saying, I think that’s the logic coded.

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That is a possibility, I do have a 2-tuner Gen4. But I’m watching and recording on the same channel so you would think it’s only using 1 tuner. I think if I was recording 2 shows on different channels then that would probably cause some issues when the shows switch at the top of the hour.

But, it’s not a huge issue since it just takes one click to start the show back up.

The other issue I mentioned about watching a channel for a long time and then not being able to switch channels is a bigger issue because it requires the Tablo Roku App to be stopped/started to enable the new channel to launch properly.

I don’t remember, but I generally select the channel instead of the show. I will be more aware of this next time.

I believe that when you’re recording consecutive shows on the same channel, it does switch tuners if one is available. That way it can add a few seconds of overlap and start processing the second recording a little earlier.

If you’re watching the same thing that’s recording, it might also cause your viewing to end as that recording is done – I’m not sure about this, so know that this is a guess on my part.

It is interesting that this behavior happens. I think it’s great that you have such a positive outlook on this and are able to recover quickly without getting too upset. :).

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I believe you are spot on. I believe I read somewhere that the 4th gen will start recording one minute before program start and record one additional minute at the end of the program if a tuner is available. Can anyone verify that?


Oh come on!

All this crazy testing you do for fun and THIS is where you draw the line??? lol

But to answer that, most of my recordings start about 20s early and end with a total of about a min over the total scheduled recording time.


Living the retired life for 16 years provides a little bit of time for things like this.



Yeah. We just FEEL like we’re old enough to retire!

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After updating to 0.6.600, My tablo now crashes when attempting to view “all recordings” and randomly in many other places. It was working fine before this update. This happens on multiple Roku devices or TVs in my home. The tablo still works fine through the tablo app.