Tablo Ripper Download

I am looking to try to install and use Tablo Ripper. My goal is to rip the recording from Tablo, convert to MP4 and incorporate them into my Plex.
I have searched but can find nowhere where to download Tablo Ripper for windows. I would like to install on a wnidows 10 pc. If I am directed to the download, are there any additional files to download and install to get this to work or is everything complete in the Tablo Ripper package?

Thank You.

I have managed to download and install the ripper utility but for some reason when i start the service and foreground, its ripping everything in my library. How do I get it to just rip a specific episode with doing the whole library? I do not wish to sit and standby the pc everytime to stop the service after a episode. I tried moving the episode into the selected recording box but that doesnt make a difference, it still wants to rip the entire library.

click on the :mag: at the top then enther tablo ripper 50+ results for tablo ripper
I think this is it’s primary support topic –

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You’ll want to stop the background service, then take a look at the documentation. There’s a link in the topic @djk44883 provided.