Tablo Ripper - Automatically download new recordings


Please download the latest beta version using the link found in the first post. The progress bar might not be “right” when this happens, but it’ll keep working (aka “not blow up”).


2 suggestions / requests.

and before I say them, just let me say THANK YOU for this wonderful program! I love it and neither suggestion is needed.

  1. can you make it so the main ripper window can be moved when it is ripping programs? not a big deal but would be nice.
  2. would it be possible to allow us to adjust the ripped video quality (convert it to a smaller file size essentially). I know I can set the tablo to record at a max quality but it effects everything. I don’t convert sports and only watch on the TV, prefer highest quality. I transfer converted files mainly to ipads/phones so smaller files are more desirable. I am guessing this is a BIG item but thought I’d Ask.


Thanks for the kind words!

  1. I’m stuck with how windows implements ‘modal’ windows.
  2. You already can (read the FAQ). The default ffmpeg command copies the original, but you can alter it to suit your target devices. If you need help, let me know.

Alternatively, you can run MCEBuddy to do all sorts of interesting post-rip processing.


Was using the next to the last version 2.2.1 (I update infrequently) and just saw auto-check for the latest version for the first time… Love it! Using the latest version right now. Also finally got around to updating MCE Buddy for the first time in months, so doing a couple of test runs now.

Tablo Ripper has sure come a long way since the first release. Well done, CycleJ! I really appreciate your continued efforts.


@CycleJ can I use your program on a old Vista PC I’m running Plex on?


Well I’ve installed tablo ripper on to the computer and downloaded the ffmpeg file and that’s where I have trouble finding that file. But I’ll try this .Net you suggested


I did exactly as you posted but I’m not computer savvy lol but I can’t find that file when I’m in the tablo ripper program… Thanks for taking some time trying to help out. Is their a more direct way to contact you so I don’t take up room here.


Feature request: I record a lot of sports and when they are ripped they all end up in the movie folder. Could you add an option to use “series” naming conventions for sports and place them in a separate folder. So instead of ending up with “Movies\Green Bay Packers at Dallas Cowboys” you get something like “Sports\NFL\Season 2017\NFL – s2017e1234567 - Green Bay Packers at Dallas Cowboys”.


I have had Tablo Ripper working for a long time, but ever since upgrading to the latest version 2.2.4, it is no longer automatically ripping. I works fine when I run it in the foreground, but not background.


I looked at the selection filters from within the app, and everything looks fine separated by commas. I then looked at the settings file and found “&” that was not visible from the app. It was for Law & Order SVU. I removed that and just put “Law” in the settings file. That appears to have fixed it. It didn’t like the semicolon. It was strange that it was even there, as not visible from the app.


Thanks for adding separation for sports. I have tried the beta. Very helpful that it does put sports in a separate “Sports” directory. If you could prepend the title with the yyyy-mm-dd so that events sort to the correct order that would be great.


This mean you are going to try and get the codes back for Tablo to play on Plex again? If so thanks in advance…


Ok- thanks for the checking back…


Version 2.2.5 has been released (you can pick it up here) to improve support for ripping ‘sporting events’, and eliminate the need to download FFMPEG separately.


Just wanted to pop in quickly and give props to Tablo Ripper… it’s awesome… I have it set up to automatically rip every night and it keep my tablo HD with plenty of space… :smiley:


Thanks for the kind words. I suspect there are a few people that find it useful, but it’s always nice to hear about it :grinning:


More than a few. :sunglasses:


Many, many more than a few. I’ve been waiting for the comments on this thread to reach the magic 1,000 - an amazing testament to how central Tablo Ripper is to Tablo full stop.


I just started using Tablo Ripper and wanted to say thanks for making such a useful app.


I know that the app is supposed to rip in the background but when does it do this? Does the app check so often? Can someone tell me how it works.