Tablo Recordings Downloader

I have started working on a desktop application to download Tablo recordings. The primary objective of this application is to be able remove commercials; this is a Java application and should run on any OS that runs Java/JavaFX. The application can be downloaded from Bitbucket; extract the zip file and run the jar jack.jar. A brief readme can be found here.

Any feedback is welcomed.


So it downloads them, cuts out commercials, and names them so they can be used with a Plex Media Server? How do you serve the extracted content to your Roku or Apple TV for example?

I do not use plex because I have a WD My cloud the white 4TB 1st gen and plex will not run on it. But on the App Store theirs a app called Infuse. I have used it for years and love it. I used the Tablo ripper app from here and use a app on my iMac to cut out the commercials. The app is called video edit pro. But you do have to remove the commercials your self and it time consuming but works really well. I hope this helps.
Does this app automatically remove commercial? If so I’m going to give it a try.

The commercials must be removed manually. The application presents a grid with a thumbnail for each segment–where you can see which tile is a commercial. The resulting video files is named such that it can be recognized by Plex.

The files are saved on the computer were the app is installed/run. I have added an auto SFTP transfer step, but have only tested it on Linux, so I have not yet hooked it up to the GUI.

No, Commercials have to be removed manually for the time being. The app does help you out so the progress is fairly quick (to me anyways).

I am running Tablo Exporter - Export Tablo Recordings Tablo exporter and it uses ffmpeg also but when I try to run your app it said ffmpeg not installed? I watched YouTube videos on how to nstall on iMac I even used homebrew in the terminal to re install ffpeg and it works. Just not with your app. Am I missing something?

If you run in command line add -DEBUG to the line to see if ti finds ffmpeg

No but it works with Tablo exporter. I might not have installed it right.

I will try that

You need the executable ffmpeg

The downloader will try to run the command ffmpeg -version and expects an result that starts with ffmpeg version, in my case ffmpeg version 3.4.4-0ubuntu0.18.04.1 Copyright plus more information.

If that check fails it stops.

From your description, you’ve created a video editor? To edit the .ts segments before they’re converted into a mpeg (for example)?
I don’t want to discount your work, is the really quicker/easier/less hassle then creating an a file an using a conventional video editor?
My preference, set keys to skip in 1min and 30sec increments to get through commercials. They are still there, but I’m through them is a few, or less, seconds. But that’s me, I’m not like everyone else.
Nevertheless, keep up the development!! Tablo users need more options!

Huzzah! Welcome to the community of app-makers! I made an Android one and thoroughly enjoyed it. Great group of (tech-savvy) volunteers in the community helped me test and get a pretty solid offering out. Best of luck!