Tablo Rebooting for weak/broken signal

Recently we have been having more issues with our Tablo Quad. Pixelation during live tv, broken up recordings, unable to connect, recently I’ve come back to a few the led light being off events where I can’t connect.

I’ve got an open ticket currently with support and they suspect weak/broken signal on a couple of my channels.

I got to testing a bit tonight, and currently when I go to watch live tv on 3 channels, 2.1, 2.2, and 2.3. I can watch the show for a few minutes and then the unit will freeze up and reboot. I’ve been able to duplicate the rebooting consistently. When I scan the channels, all three show will green dots.

I’m using a bigger indoor antenna and I’ll have to look to see if I can wire up an outdoor antenna which could take a bit. I have used the same antenna for a HDhomerun I have and it seems to be working fine at least for live tv.

I’m on 2.2.28, but I’m hoping that this isn’t the default behavior of the box when there are signal issues to reboot. My wife isn’t really happy right now with how things are working.


A really good outside antenna is key to a happy wife. Go the the antenna man website and get a recommendation for your location.

I do have an external antenna, but it isn’t installed, I will have to see if I can get it installed this weekend.

One thing I noticed, when I was moving and testing things around, I added a booster between the antenna and the Tablo. Using the signal meter on a HDHomerun I have connected to the same line I saw this.


When I removed the booster, I saw my signal strength go down to 92% but my quality rather than a steady 57% fluctuated between 50% and 98%

So far I’ve been able to watch live tv on this channel for 15 minutes without it rebooting which is good.

Would bad signal quality cause a reboot?


Yes, bad signal quality will cause reboots.

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It’s often discussed, signal strength is only part of the equation. Signal quality (SNR) can be 100% with far less than 100% strength.

I’ve had issues, adding a signal amp on a long run. One channel (sub channels are the same frequency and the “primary”). Same signal strength on both TVs, but one had the quality randomly drop. Discovered, removing the amp solved my problems. I do have a “power splitter” I guess that’s enough.

Even less than 100 - I get considerably less than 90% (as viewed by the TV “meters”) and have a Signal Quality of 100%. I presume it’s related to SNR, not sure what my Symbol Quality is… it appears to be primarily a HDHomerun information.

Outdoor antenna is installed and my channels are looking good, all the ones I care about are green and 98-100%. All was good for about a day or so, unfortunately the rebooting seems to still continue or at least the broken up shows and again the led was out and I was unable to connect.

Still following up with support.

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The next most needed thing is a strong LAN, which requires a new modern modem and a new mesh system. In the last 6 months I have replaced a 5+ yr old modem and my old Apple Exteme network with a Netgear Nighthawk mesh system. Life has been great and the new wifi 6 is wonderful.

Is there a correlation with “random” reboots? Weak or no network signal?

Do agree solid network is necessary. Don’t recall it contributing to reboots or recording segmentation.

I’m really hoping the LAN has nothing to do with recordings. I don’t understand why there would need to be a network connection for the recording to happen, everything should be contained within the box assuming it has already downloaded the guide. I have an older router Netgear R7000, but it’s still supported by Netgear and the Tablo is the only device that seems to have issues on the network.

I can’t seem to find a correlation to the “random” reboots. I’ve seeing it on multiple channels and shows, the few times I’ve seen it happen, I’ve been watching a show live and didn’t get any weak signal indicators while watching the live feed and the recording segments don’t show any thing other than the show.

I’ll love to be able to dig into the logs or show the logs or anything on the system but it doesn’t seem like we can. I’m not sure what else to do other than try and have a video camera pointed at the Tablo and a TV screen and try and catch what it’s doing.

Case still open with support but it’s challenging with the device rebooting it keeps loosing remote access mode and I’m not willing to run the “RouteThis Helps” app to give them network information. Sorry, but, I can’t see what information the app sends about my network, so I’m not comfortable running it and sending that information to who knows where.


You can find obscure messages weak signal or something about no drive or drive error. In the beginning I had radon reboots due to alleged “bad drive” (it’s a very old topic can’t find details at the moment).

Disconnecting the drive, if you can watch live TV without reboot vs watching live TV with drive and random reboots - issue could be drive. (I did extensive testing, transferred files re-formatted drive, transferred files back - and my bad drive work just fine for over a year)

that’s how I understand things work. Other than updating/maintenance and guide data (tablo-connect) network is used for streaming content - watching shows.

I don’t know how “old” my Netgear R7000 is (running dd-wrt) but it has a dual core 1GHz, networking technology hasn’t progressed, well my devices haven’t. The majority of devices are IoT aka “smart” devices that generate minimal traffic, so I guess they aren’t much of a strain. Anything with a port is wired!

It could be the Tablo’s power adapter.
Although, I believe rarely, they have been know to go bad.

I have a HDHOMERUN and use the PC HTMP app to monitor the signal.

What is missing from your picture is network rate. When actually playing the video you will see a snap shot of signal strength, signal quality, and symbol quality. But you might also observed strange wide fluctuations in the network rate. These can be caused by not only poor signal quality but network retries.