Tablo Quad --- INTRA-net observations

I have been running some tests on my Tablo using (my internet connected Quad Tablo model) the device without internet – > but still using INTRAnet. Since I have Firesticks spread all over the house my examination was to determine what would happen, or how could I view Tablo, in the event I had NO internet. Or maybe someone here owns an internet capable Tablo and wants to cancel service with their ISP, or whatever.

First, in case some readers here may not be aware; You can power up a router and have it not connected to the world wide internet. Wireless devices in range can sign on to the router if they know the encryption password for the networks it is broadcasting. If you are internet connected currently and you lose internet the router is still providing INTRAnet to your home network. What you can do with that is limited but it does work perfectly within its limited capabilities.

So what does that do for a Tablo internet connected user? INTRAnet still allows the connected devices to communicate and view the Tablo device simply because they share a common INTRAnet network. My Tablo is connected directly to a quality antenna, which is still receiving OTA broadcasts without the need for internet at all. My Tablo is ethernet connected to my router, which in this example configuration is INTRAnet only. So all this established, will my home network still function throughout the wireless range for ALL TV’s, which are reaching out to Tablo through the app on the Firesticks? YES it does work, although it takes the app on the Firesticks about 10 seconds to initiate and bring up perfect Tablo viewing. When internet connected the app fires up in 2 seconds usually.

Discovering this makes it easy to understand how I can still watch TV when my ISP is down. I kept a TV directly connected to an antenna thinking that when my internet is down my Tablo would have been too. Wrong!

Extending this thinking out leads me to believe that HDMI Tablo users without internet connections could accomplish this same thing. I imagine buying a cheap router and creating a personal INTRAnet in your home would allow you to view TV’s all over the house in the same way that I tested above. Without internet your guide would be limited of course but you could still view everything you currently do on your one HDMI TV.

Anyone here willing to test this out on their end? I don’t own an HDMI version of Tablo. Also, if you need help setting up INTRAnet let me know. If you are currently on internet in your house by unplugging the modem (sits between your ISP and your router) you are now in fact INTRAnet only.

Edit: Caveat, of course you will need to take your Firesticks, Roku, whatever to available internet somewhere so that you can download the Tablo app to them. Duhhhhhh!

The forum has numerous threads on this topic.

Hopefully you know where your DHCP server resides and if it’s on the ISP router did it also go down when you unplug the ISP router… If so you might find that after the IP leases time expires devices no longer have a valid IP address.

You could always reboot your roku and fire tv stick and see if they are still functional since IP addresses will be obtained at boot time. But since my ISP rarely goes down it’s been a year or so since I played with internet outage.

Generally most users just have a LAN with their single networked sub-net router. Whether you run an intranet or LAN, many users run a variety of services across their networks - elaborate setups. You can find pictures of home “wire closets” here.

Here’s the sad truth (IMO, design flaw)

There’s a plethora of information around about why and all the “complaints” how users try to get around as well as #tablo-apps:third-party-apps-plex 3rd Party Apps used to negate internet connectivity, then difference between the different tablo platforms.

Had an HDMI version been available years ago I’d probably have ended up with one. In the end, I’ve made this network one work with 3rd part apps and what I’ve discovered here at the Tablo Community forum.

A snip from a post from TabloSupport as to how/why we may be stuck with internet:

Our focus is also on developing the product to be easy-to-use for the average non-technical user.

That being said, we acknowledge that there are ways we can improve the product for advanced users, including providing alternatives to the current network discovery process.

The comments above are appreciated. I am a linux coder so making my Tablo work on INTRAnet only was not complicated at all. My router is personal and NOT an ISP router. I control everything and keep it locked down from my ISP’s eyes, except for providing a MAC to the modem.

My Tablo is static LAN IP locked and configured for remote access with manual forwarding – also easy [Obviously I have internet to use remote access]. I commented in my original post that I recommend or realize that you would need to go to a friend’s or wherever that has internet to download the Tablo app to a Firestick or Roku, etc…

The company post linked above in this thread was made by Tablo stating their decision for not including the Tablo app in the actual firmware. That is/was a smart decision. It would be crazy to mandate a total device firmware update for a Tablo app update only. In this day and age its tough to imagine not being able to find internet somewhere to download these small apps to a “Firestick”. You could temporarily enable “hot spot” on your Android and then connect the Firestick that way installing the small Tablo app. Just an idea.

I have read several threads here and simply wanted to add my observations, realizing that coding is second nature for me, so others could enjoy Tablo throughout their house without an internet connection.

Its working perfectly on my end when I test it. Again, I do run internet to maintain remote access, which also works perfectly without any skipping or pausing 99% of the time.

I/you would have to temporarily “touch base” via hot spot, etc… to reset NTP(router) for accurate time settings every once in awhile.

Some ISPs supply routers versus modems. depending on router manufacturer and model some can not be set in bridge mode. And are very unhappy when you place a user router behind it and try to use bridge mode.

So often these user may be stuck using their router as an access point. Which on some routers limits extended features.

So while I have a wonderful personal router it’s in bridge mode. But it is more powerful and has much better wifi. Of course that means my DHCP is on the ISP router. But my ip lease time is 24 hours. Thus my IPs are good for 12-24 hours.

If the internet is still down after that time I need to follow my doctors advice and stop watching the Yound and the Restless, get out of the house, and get some exercise. Or I could buy an HDMI model, a few gallons of ice cream and pizza, , and watch TV from a specific room.

Are you talking about combo modem/router devices?