Tablo Quad and Tablo Dual can I use both of them together?

I have a few question I would like to ask?
I have Tablo Quad with lifetime subscription and using a 4 TB drive.
I also just bought a Tablo Dual Lite from you guys a few days ago!

Will my lifetime subscription work with both tablos?

Ok what I am hoping to do is to take my 4TB drive that is attached to the Tablo Quad and move it to the new Tablo Dual Lite without losing all my recordings!
On the Tablo Quad I’m going to attach a new 8TB drive! On the new drive and would love to keep the database info so I don’t have to setup the recording all over again!

I hope I made sense! Thank you for your time!

I will let others answer about the drive transfers (I think it can be done, but search the forums for answers on it).

In the olden days, the Tablo folks did allow one subscription for as many devices as you owned, but that policy was changed a few years ago. You can transfer a subscription from one device to another, but if you have two Tablos, you need two subscriptions. If you don’t want to go that route, keep a subscription on one and use manual recordings on the other.

Your Tablo TV Guide Service subscription is tied to YOU, not a specific device.
You can change or upgrade to a new Tablo DVR and keep your existing TV Guide subscription.

Unless you’ve had your Lifetime Subscription in place prior to 3/07/2019 - A Message from the CEO Re: Subscription Account Changes

As for the drive, this step by step guide works well for most (I’ve used it issue free)

The DB …recording schedule “stuff”, guide data, channel info, etc is stored internally. So without the drive the “old tablo” will still have every thing there. Well, it will show recordings, but you know they aren’t. As I understand, overnight maintenance mode

Should clean up all the orphan recordings.

You “new tablo” will have everything your “old tablo” had - including it’s Name from the settings tab. May want/to change that since now you’ll be selecting which device to use. (the apps know the difference… but will you)

So yes you can “swap drives” (although that’s not what it’s called!). It’s unlikely you can add your new tablo to your subscription, but there’s a possibility.


I think the OP doesn’t want to transfer recordings from one hard drive to another hard drive, they actually want to take their 4TB drive with Tablo QUAD recordings and move it to new Tablo DUAL Lite. Tablo has a process for this, it is linked in the post above mine.

@snowcat ok so they also do want to do some type of transfer from one hard drive to another hard drive but they don’t want to transfer the recordings, only the scheduled recordings. The hard drive transfer process in the forum discusses transferring everything from one drive to another drive.

Thank you…Guys Very helpful info :+1: