Tablo preview for web and FireTV?

I’m using Tablo Preview on FireTV and I like it. Yeah. But I read that it’s supposed to already have the filters for TV shows like the old app had such as filter by Genre. Am I missing an update or is that not available on Preview for FireTV yet, and if not is there an ETA? I miss that. But usually not so much that I go back to the other app.
And what about for the web. Is there a new different link or how do you get Preview on the browser?

Tablo Apps & Compatible Devices -


  • Access to most Tablo screens and features including settings

Has been quietly changed from “all” to “most”. Some devices/app promote “all screens and filters” others highlight “most screens and features” - they never respond what up with that - features vs filters :shrug:

They’ve recently released the updated web app -
NEW - Tablo Web App Update (v. 1.8.7)

@Kerry_Chipman - The ability to access GENRE information on apps using our newer back-end communication method which Tablo PREVIEW uses has been added to the next firmware update which is currently in beta.

We have A LOT of updates for PREVIEW planned over the next few months so it will be coming soon.