Tablo power adapter 1A issues?

I’m wondering if the troubled Tablos are using the 12V 1A power adapters?

Explanation below…

I’m trying to find a common reason why some users are having issues with their Tablos disappearing off their network, and power cycling their Tablo is the only thing that brings it back.
Doesn’t seem to matter if their Tablo is connected to their network via network cable or WiFi.
Their Tablo firmware versions are the same, as well, but the same firmware version works for many other users.

It seems this issue can occur even when no one is actively using the Tablo, and no recording is scheduled during that timeframe.

It appears there are 2 types of Tablo power adapters: 12V 1A, and 12V 2A.

The 1 amp supplies are for the 2-Tuner and Tablo DUAL models. The 2 amp supply is for the 4-Tuner Tablo.

Unless folks are drawing more power than the Tablo is able to produce (by connecting other things to the Tablo via the USB ports or using internal hard drives with external enclosures) it’s unlikely that power would be the culprit.

It’s more likely that there is something going on with their networks that they may be unaware of.

You are taking all the fun out of the 1 amp versus 2 amp conspiracy theories.

Okay, then splain this, batman.
@rbryan states he’s got 2 2-tuner Tablos with original power adapters.
1 came with a 1A power adapter, and the other came with a 2A.

Nuvyyo has some clown in the warehouse that randomly ships 1 amp power supplies to some U.S. customers and 2 amp power supplies to others. Of course you haven’t ask how many revs the motherboard or chipset has had.

2A adapters work with ALL Tablo devices.

The 2A adapters are on occasion shipped with 2-Tuner Tablo units IF the manufacturing facility is temporarily out of 1A supplies. The only reason that we mostly ship 1A supplies with 2-Tuner and DUAL Tablo units is because they are less expensive to source than the 2A.

All 4-Tuner Tablo units should have a 2A supply as they require more power.

Thanks for the explanation, but this still doesn’t prove you are batman. :wink:

I got a 3amp from amazon for 9.95 and it runs cool.

this seems to vindicate the use of 1amp power supplies with the 2-tuner model.