Tablo Plex Channel - Tablo Connect?

Does Tablo channel on Plex allow Tablo Connect to work? i.e. access Tablo from outside the local network?

Seeing as Tablo Connect doesn’t work directly with the Roku, I could use the Plex channel on the Roku to access the Tablo.

Actually what you do is make Plex work outside of your network.  Then you can use whatever Plex can use.  Thus Plex Server is able to see your local Tablo and then the remote handling is all done by your Plex server.

Thanks for the quick response.

The Tablo is located where there are no laptops or desktops. Where my Roku is located I have a desktop which has the Plex Media Server installed. If I install the Tablo channel in PMS which is external to the Tablo, can I have it access the Tablo?

Tablo and PMS are not some the same local network.


Any idea if the Plex Tablo channel can do this? That is access the Tablo on my other network (2 physically separate locations).


@theuser86 it can’t currently but I hope to fix it in the near future


Thanks for the update - I would love this feature, until then I must use Roku Tablo channel and a router as a VPN client. Not very efficient.


That can be done but it takes a couple things

1. you need good bandwidth at plex server location and at tablo location

2. you need to modify the source of the plex plugin (it is python)

3. You need to setup an ip alais on the plex server and proxy like 4 ports

it is a pain but it can be done. I dont know your leave of comfort with such tasks but if you are intrested please feel free to msg me.


Did you read my posts above? I do not have a computer to run the Plex Media Server at the location where the Tablo is located. Right now, Tablo Connect away from home works well with my laptop, iPhone and iPad.

I do however have Plex Media Server running on a desktop where the Roku is located. This is a physically separate location with it’s own internet with a 30 Mbps download speed.

The Tablo is connected to an Internet connection with a 10 Mbps upload speed.


Your situation is same as mine then. 

I have my plex server and most rokus here at my house in NC. I have a tablo in MA with 10mbps and i proxy the required ports to look like it is on my local linux box at my house that runs the plex server

@theuser86 @theuser I’ve fixed the override IP functionality and it now works the latest code from outside of my network with port 18080 forwarded . I need to do some regression testing at the house from inside my network to confirm I didn’t break anything but if that goes well I will have the plugin updated with this working in the next few days hopefully (it all depends on how fast plex pulls the code update)

@Davidvr, I guess I should have asked this earlier, but changing it higher up instead of in recordings would be great. My wife has a ton of recordings so needing to go all the way through them to get to the settings is painful :wink:

@Jestep Done :slight_smile:


Thanks very much for adding this functionality. To confirm, I currently have the 3 ports forwarded on my local router to the Tablo to enable Tablo Connect on devices such as the iPad.

In order to get the Plex Tablo channel running on a remote Plex Media Server to connect to a Tablo that's over the Internet, I must forward one additional port (18080) to the Tablo? No weird port mappings like with the Tablo where the External port is different than the Internal port? Remember the Plex Media Server computer is not on the same LAN as the Tablo, it is physically elsewhere connecting to it over the Internet.

Thats correct the only additional port is 18080 and that should be straight across (nothing remapped to a different port)

Perfect - thanks @Davidvr! Please let me know when I can download the updated Plex plugin.


Really looking forward to this feature - Is there any way for me to download your updated plugin outside of the Plex environment? (aka from a website) It's very easy for any user to "sideload" a plugin by just putting it in the PMS plugin folder (which I'm sure you know already). If not, I can wait :)


@theuser86 I’ve submitted the pull request for it to be merged to the store copy, but if download it from github you have to delete the store copy and create a symlink from the downloaded copy to the plugin folder. If you try to just rename it as Tablo.bundle , Plex will auto update it to the version that is in the store. Its a bit of a pain but if that makes sense to you it should work or a little patience and hopefully it will get updated in the store over the next day or two. 

Thanks! I understood most of that except for the symlink portion so I’ll just wait for it to be pulled by Plex.


Last question for you, can the IP override resolve a hostname? I use No-IP to maintain a static hostname as my ISP IP changes periodically.

@theuser86 I believe it should work