Tablo Performance Frustrations

Hi everyone, I am new to Tablo and the forums.

I am having a couple issues with my Tablo 4 tuner which is making it very frustrating to use. I have downloaded and installed the latest update. My Tablo is connected to the network via cable not wireless.

The first issue is with watching live TV with my Amazon Fire TV Stick. The audio will cut out I will here a couple words for a second, then nothing for a couple seconds then it will come back for a couple seconds and then out again. It is like I am hearing every other couple of words.The video is playing fine during the broadcast. and the picture is fine.

The second issue is with playing recordings using my Roku 2. The replay stops and goes to the retrieving bar every 4 or five minutes. Then I have to wait and it will play for another few minutes but I can never get through a full recording without retrieving multiple times. It is very aggravating.

If anyone has any input I am willing to try anything. It is almost unusable at this point. I should note that I do not have any issues with the Antenna connected directly to the TV.


The 4 channel Tablo splits the antenna inside since it has four tuners. Do you have an amplifier? What kind of antenna do you have? I suggest the Mohu Leaf 50 if you can not have an outdoor antenna. How far are you from the towers? see

I noticed with the 2.2.2 firmware, I need to actually use wireless instead of my Ethernet and I can stream everything perfectly with no loading screens.

If I leave my connection as Ethernet, it says loading every few minutes at best. Doesn’t make any sense whatsoever but it’s the truth.

I have Roku 3 with wireless N a floor below my tv.

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@adamfarl - We’ve seen this mentioned a few times now. Stay tuned - we may reach out to you so we can take a closer look at your Tablo.

The antenna is a ChannelMaster CM-4228HD. The run from the antenna to the Tablo is about 60 ft. I have solid Green across the board for the channels that I have.

Adamfarl, thanks I will give that a try also and see if it helps.

I’m in the same boat. Since the upgrade my Tablo performance has been terrible. Lots of freezing and my Roku restarting and the ‘loading’ time is 15+ seconds (which it never used to be).

While you don’t see this very often any more, one way a wired ethernet connection could be slower then wifi is if the auto-negotiate for what speed to use decided that the wired could only handle 10 Mb instead of 100 Mb. And it’s been years since I saw a connection that thought it could only run in half-duplex.

Same here. MULTIPLE retrieve data-- like every 15-20 seconds, then fine for a while, then another series of retries. Even went so far as to update my router (expensive). My wifi analyzer app as well as Roku says the signal is excellent at the TV location. (75-130Mbps) I have an RCA power amplified antenna in the attic, connected directly to the Tablo about six feet below it. A Nighthawk Triband router, and a Nighthawk Triband extender. Tablo is connect via Ethernet to the router.

Oh, forgot to mention: Roku 3 with latest firmware update and latest Tablo firmware update. This started after the Tablo firmware update.

My Tablo is in the Bedroom and goes through a well to the Roku 3 but the 27xx is close. Router is in living room.

Yesterday I rewired my home network there is now only 1 GB switch behind my router. I upgraded to 1 AP instead of 2 it is a Unifi AP from Ubiquiti and I get strong signal to all corners of my small house. I moved the Tablo to WIFI insted of wired and nothing seemed to help. I still have issues with Live TV on my Amazon Fire TV Stick and with recordings on my Roku 2.

Thanks for everyone’s replies. Reading through many of the other posts on the forum I changed the recording quality to 720p - Roku, Chromecast and that seemed to take care of most of the issues. I just wanted to share.