Tablo > Nuvyyo now has shareholders

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  1. Acquisitions
    Nuvyyo Acquisition
    On January 5, 2022, we acquired Nuvyyo for net cash consideration totaling $13.8 million. Nuvyyo provides consumers DVR product solutions to
    watch and record free over-the-air HDTV on connected devices. The preliminary purchase price allocation assigned $7.2 million to intangible assets with
    useful lives ranging from three to five years, $7.1 million to goodwill and the remainder was allocated to various working capital and deferred tax liability
    accounts. The estimated goodwill, which is not tax deductible, reflects the synergies and increased market penetration expected from combining the
    operations of Nuvyyo with Scripps. We allocated the goodwill to our Other segment.

So now Tablo/Nuvyyo answers to shareholders. Legally it must act in it’s shareholders best interest, you know like giant corporations work.

Lifetime support? Endless updates? What’s next in line after cutting types of subscriptions and services? Here a fee, there a fee to the tune of $14M to recoup.


Let’s not assume the sky is falling just yet. I suspect Nuvyyo always intended to make a profit.

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