Tablo Longevity

I used to post here a lot (Not quite as much as Snowcat, but a decent amount). I thought I’d drop back in and just say that after 2 years and a few months my 2 tuner is still going strong. I continue to enjoy the product and all the improvements the Tablo folks have made over time.


I have about a year and a half on my 4 Tuner Tablo, and couldn’t be happier. There have been quite a few changes since I got mine, such as the live TV grid, thumbnails, mass delete… not to mention the great work by some of the guys on this board that allow us to pull off recorded shows from the Tablo.

Having been a “valued” customer of DirecTV for over 19 years at the time I cut the cord, I initially wondered if I would end up going back after a few months, but I’ve never regretted my decision and have been enjoying significant cost savings. My DirecTV bill was over $100/month for a lot of channels I wasn’t watching, and to add insult to injury, they wanted to charge me extra for HDTV, something new subscribers get for free.

When I show people the video quality I get with free OTA TV, they’re blown away by the sharpness and clarity.


Ditto for my 2 tuner Tablo, again from one of the earlier adopters…

At one time I was looking at upgrading or getting another Tablo, but now I have a “real” antenna and all TVs are connected, so we have a way to “surf” and just use the Tablo for recording and occasional remote viewing.

Just out of curiosity why didn’t you get a “real” antenna from the beginning?

Been putzing along with Tablo since 6/18/2014 with a few minor problems but all has been well the last 6-9 mths. ( And ((cj)) I have two “real” 42 yr old shack antennas in the attic and get 76 stations - I think they were less than $20 bucks in 1973) So I have saved about $3000 minus about $500 for Tablo and misc)

We were moving houses. So I just had indoor antenna at first. We move a bit further out… so the attic antenna was a requirement!!

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I guess I could be considered an early adopter (Sept 2014) and outside of some goofy firmware related bugs, it’s been rock solid and still going strong.

Circa May 2014 - still going strong. I recently upgraded my HDD from 320 GB to 1 TB.

I got my Tablo on March 3rd 2015and bought the life time guide and on December 8 2017 it stoped working. I called support and they couldn’t help me. The unit just flashes the blue light but it no longer connect to 2 Apple TV iPhone iPad or on a Mac or PC. I really liked it when it t worked. Just wish it lasted a little longer.

Mid-2014, 2-tuner, still going strong!

That sucks but the good news is your lifetime guide subscription is tied to you so if you buy a new unit you’re set.

I have 2 units. One over 3 years and one almost 3 years. Both are spinning the original WD Element drives and have the original power supplies.

I’ve had mine since 6/14 and it started a similar blue light thing as yours about 3 mths ago. Replaced power supply and has been working great since.

Just out of curiosity, did Tablo support offer you any discount for a replacement unit?

Lots of people here have had success with replacing the power wart. They are $10 from Tablo (I think, haven;t checked) or you can get similar units from Amazon. Worthwhile to verify that your unit is indeed, dead.

Would be nice if they did offer some trade-in/trade-up program.

For Nuvyyo a trade-in/trade-up is a pig in a poke. They have no idea what shape the unit is in. The bacon you have been frying on the unit could have leaked grease inside. It could cost them money just to trash it.

But they do have refurbished units. Or take the chance and try a new power supply. Or find a tablo friend in your zip code and try their power supply to see if the unit comes back to life.

I personally think that a loyalty discount for a replacement unit may not be a bad idea. If they are afraid that customer may abuse the program by ordering additional units for their friends at a discount, they could set a rule that the original unit will get disabled (thru MAC) when a replacement unit is purchased at a discount. I know that if my unit is beyond repair within a few years and I get a discount offer for replacement, I will definitely feel great about it and won’t hesitate to re-iterate my recommendation of Tablo to all my friends :wink:

Good suggestion.

I did email them asking if I could buy one at the Black Friday price but haven’t heard anything fro:them aa of now.

I just ordered the power supply from the Tablo store I hope it works