Tablo Lifetime TV Guide Data Subscription Price Increase

Saw this on the Tablo Facebook page the other day and had not seen it in the forums anywhere yet

Considering it had been $149.99 forever (at least 6 years), it’s been amazing there hasn’t been a price increase until now.


Thank you for the advanced notice on the new pricing for the Lifetime subscription. I went to my page and it says I already have a subscription and there is nothing to do. I have an annual subscription. It doesn’t seem to let me sign up for the Lifetime.

In case you missed the announcement, as of April 6th pricing for new Lifetime TV Guide Data Service subscription plans will increase to $179.99 USD or $239.99 CAD.

Those wishing to purchase or upgrade to a Lifetime subscription at the current price of $149.99 USD or $179.99 CAD should visit and do so before April 6th, 2021.

Pricing will remain unchanged for new and existing Monthly or Yearly TV Guide Data Service subscriptions and Premium Service subscriptions.

Aha! Figured it out. You have to go the Options button, not the Add Subscription button

Anyone recently purchased an annual subscription and wanting to upgrade to Lifetime? The FAQ indicated this may be possible as an exception but wanted to see if anyone was able to do so.

I was led to understand “Lifetime” was really just a billing method like monthly or yearly. What’s included with the ungrade?

You should be able to go to your account page and change methods anytime monthly > yearly > lifetime not necessarily in that order.

Unless you have an HDMI TV connected DVR which doesn’t include that option as a new purchase.

@tester2006 You can change your subscription type at any time, however you won’t be refunded for unused portions of your previous subscription method which is why the FAQ suggests you contact support to request an exemption.

Again I am not asking for a refund. I am asking for a credit towards upgrading to a Lifetime subscription. There is a difference. I asked for an exemption and of course you are not allowing it. I am only 3 months into an annual subscription and want to use the remaining portion towards a lifetime subscription. I’m not sure why you would want to fight me to not get more of my money.

When I first got my Tablo I bought an annual subscription and then bought the lifetime subscription 6 months in. I should have bought the lifetime initially but I didn’t. I wasn’t credited for my unused portion, what makes you so special?

You made the active decision to pay for a year only with the annual subscription. You had to choice to buy a lifetime subscription and decided not to, so again what makes you so special?

Did you ask for a credit? Its not uncommon to provide credit for unused services and apply it towards an upgrade for most products and services. I am not saying I’m special. I’m simply voicing my situation so others should be made aware.

You had a one month free trial to explore all the features included with the subscription. If you really liked it, why didn’t you just buy the lifetime sub then? I understand you have buyer’s remorse now and want to save money on the lifetime sub, but you chose to only sign up for an annual sub. No one forced you to not to buy the lifetime sub.

Tablo has great customer service so they might give you a credit for the 9 months left, but they don’t have to at all. If you were dealing with a big company they would just tell you sorry too bad, buy the lifetime now at its price.

This is exactly what I did. I made the conscious decision to buy an annual subscription the first year to make sure I was all in on Tablo as a solution for my needs.That was a risk based decision I made and I knew full well I would lose any remaining annual subscription for the year when I purchased the lifetime subscription.

Did you read their full response? You can contact support for the exemption.

I thought the yearly subscription price was a discount from the monthly subscription price.

A lifetime subscription is a discount to the yearly unless you plan on dying within 3 years.

So to expect a discount of a yearly subscription to be applied to a discount lifetime subscription seems rather odd.

All fees are non-cancellable and non-refundable during the term of your subscription.

Refund… for more-or-less for credit? Didn’t you agree to these terms?

again, sad tablotv's pages no longer comply to onebox anymore :frowning:

I have asked for the exception and they denied it. I’m not saying legally they are obligated to do it. Just that asking for a refund and to apply future payments towards an upgraded package are 2 very different things. I was on the monthly plan for the longest and stupidly decided to move to annual to save a couple of dollars. If they weren’t increasing the lifetime cost I probably wouldn’t have cared. So now any savings I would have made by buying the lifetime subscription now are lost because I have to eat 9 months of my annual plan.

Maybe 8 months from now you might move on to another platform and be regretful they didn’t let you go this path.

…probably not – but the possibility exists. Who’d ever thought we’d keep getting so much fee government money :see_no_evil: :hear_no_evil: :speak_no_evil:

Good point. There’s an advantage to not being locked in. It may be worth dusting off my hdhomerun box to see if the service has improved any. That was only $35 a year.

The HDHomeRun DVR software has to be installed on a computer that runs 24/7? Or do they have standalone DVRs now?

While I understand the short-term impact results in exactly that, if you intend to stay with Tablo for more than a couple of years the difference is made up vs if you continued paying for annual each year.