Tablo Lifetime TV Guide Data Subscription Price Increase

“dusting off” something collecting dust for some reason, who knows what’s next, or they might go and see if they can change their terms and you may be locked into a service agreement you’re really not happy with.

The substantial savings you’ve calculated between signing up now or waiting 9 more months are based on the presumption this device is going to be in use… longer than your HDhomerun? Which I bet you thought was going to last years?

Don’t complexly misunderstand, I’m happy with my tablo (way more than less). It’s not my first OTA DVR, as with you, so it’s hard to say how long this is going to be in use.

The difference in annual subscription now and upcoming is $30. Based on a monthly subscription that’s 6 additional months worth. At the current price of $149, the break-even point is 2.5 years or 30 months. At the new price of $179 it’s 3 years or 36 months. If you plan to go with Tablo long-term, might as well wait until your annual has ended to consider the life-time.

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I bought my first Tablo used off eBay and don’t remember if I got the free trial. But I went ahead and bought the lifetime and haven’t regretted it. That was almost five years ago.

Probably not… Only Tablo units refurbished here at HQ can be reset in such a way to get the free trial to activate again.

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