Tablo keeps disconnecting almost every day

@rmanni23 We do our best to get back to all support tickets within 1 day. We’ve got your ticket now, and you should expect a response shortly.

I’m having a very similar issue… Tablo App on the Apple TV suddenly just starts saying “A network error occurred” … there is no network error though… every time this happens, there has been no change to my network. I’ve been reaching out you on and off for this issue for over a month since I got the unit… the last response I got was that there would be a beta release to fix it. But in the mean time, what am I supposed to do when the unit just decides to stop communicating? It’s also unusable on a Mac… it will not play any video, although I can see guide and recorded info. The only fix which sometimes works is to power cycle the tablo itself, however if it happens to be recording anything at that moment then the recording of that show will split and neither one will play back for more than a few seconds, and attempting to play that split recording back has a strong likelihood of causing the “network error” again.

I’m having the same problem, I’m using the Apple TV app and my tablo will randomly disconnect and throw the, “A network error occurred” error message. I have rebooted my Apple TV, deleted and reinstalled the Tablo app, rebooted the tablo box. So far nothing is fixing the problem. I’m able to connect to the tablo from my iPad, that works fine. All my other apps on my Apple TV also work just fine. Seems obvious that it’s the tablo app that is the problem. I’ve only had the tablo for a week now and had really liked it, until now. If this doesn’t get fixed quickly I’ll be returning the tablo and purchasing a competitor.

How do I open a ticket for this problem?

I’m in the same boat. I thought I was the only one until I searched and found this thread. I know my Tablo works fine because the Roku and Amazon Fire TV boxes work fine. The iPhone app and web browser also works fine. I decided to go to all Apple TV 4’s in the house (7 of them) and thought Tablo would work fine. Luckily, I purchased mine through Walmart’s website so I have until the middle of January to return it. I would like to know from Tablo support if this is something that is actively being diagnosed? When I opened up a ticket the reply I was given made it seem like I was the only person having this “a network error occurred” issue. Granted, it did seem to only happen while recording but now it is also happening to me when it is not recording. I was going to pick up a new one at MicroCenter this afternoon to test a new unit. Luckily I came accross this thread first. I’m more than satisfied now that the problem is a bug in the Apple TV app. If they can’t fix this soon I too will be returning the unit and going a different route for my OTA DVR. So Tablo support, what is your response to the app issue???

@miamibill @Lloyd @Hoodwink You can file a ticket with our support team here - and please do! We’re happy to take a look and help!

Tablo support, I’ve been pursuing this with a trouble ticket for a while (weeks) and the ultimate result was that I was told an upcoming beta software release for the AppleTV would resolve it and that you would automatically load that on for me when it is available. It’s not a great solution… I wish you would issue a patch instead. As it is, this occurs frequently enough to be annoying, and I just have to go do something else when it happens because I don’t want to chance messing up a recording. My other family members just don’t use the Tablo at all because of this, and want me to get my satellite back. I’m holding out for now, but this has put a real wrench in my efforts here.

@miamibill Sorry to hear this! The update was pushed out yesterday - are you still having issues now?

Just saw this message. I watched a little news and a sitcom last night… didn’t notice a problem. I’ll use it more tonight, so I’ll let you know. I did notice that the AppleTV was updated yesterday also. Does the Tablo take advantage of the new cross-app search capability with Siri?

It appears I’m starting to see this issue as well.
I also noticed that at time while watching a recording, the screen will go blank, then the tablo message searching for tablos comes up, then finds the tablo and connects again. The recorded program
I was watching has to be selected again, but does not even give me the option to resume from previous spot. I have to start over and FF to where I was before the disconnect/reconnect.
I am hardwired to the network.

@DJPellegrino We should be able to figure out why this is happening! Just send the details over to our support team.

Welcom to my world. My tablo goes down nearly every day. Tablo support has been involved with this for over year now. I’m on beta build 2.2.13 and it happened again. There seems to be a pattern, though tablo support seems unable to use that pattern to figure out what the issue is. For instance, it almost always drops off the network while it is recording something. 9:30am it records Daniel tiger for my daughter. Today at 9:30, like yesterday at 9:30 it went down. I use PRTG network monitor so i have a complete history of everytime the tablo goes down.

Here’s how far I have had to take it to make this expensive piece of hardware work. I have a power distribution power that allows me to network-control power outlets. I wrote a c# app that PRTG calls when it detects the tablo has been offline (not responding to PING or HTTP/HTTPS requests) for more than 10 minutes. The app will restart the outlet and the Tablo will work again for a while.

100% confident this is not a network issue. I’m using the hard-drive that tablo support specifically recommended. Every time it goes down is will stay down until it is power cycled. Tablo support has logged into my tablo and looked at logs and verified that it goes down due to firmware glitches.

Here’s why is so frustrating.

  1. it went down in the last 3 minutes of the Super Bowl before it went into overtime, so I missed the last minute score that took it into overtime.
  2. It went down when trump was doing his speech about why he fired tomahawk missiles. Had to watch online

So, if it isn’t reliable to watch tv on, or record, I’m not sure what it is good for. I have a lifetime subscription to the guide, so I’ve spent a good chunk of money on this. Yes, using Static DHCP of course. Ethernet, Support actually replaced my tablo last year, but it continued to happen.

What can be done? I’ve been asking if this is typical with my emails to support. I’m glad to see i’m not alone.

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He’d been watching Fox recently when he heard about something called Syria. Probably wasn’t using a Tablo though. :smiling_imp:

(Bet I hear from the Thread Police)

Ivanka told him :wink:

I wasn’t kidding…:smile:

Hmm…I wonder if the NSA has access to the Tablo logs…:astonished:

Can we get this back to the topic at hand. I have the same problem as dlomneck. What can be done to correct this?

@Jab9er If you send our support team a ticket, we can check your Tablo out from our end and see what’s going on!

I had the same problems as dlomneck and others with my Tablo disconnecting from my home network. But now I’m getting rock-solid performance: no disconnects ever and rapid response through the Tablo App when viewing live TV or recordings, and setting up schedules. In my case the big breakthrough was when I replaced my five year old router with a modern dual band router having 802.11ac wireless capability. I bought the TP-Link Archer C7 which costs only $90. For casting streams to my TVs I use Amazon TV Firesticks, which are also dual band and use the very fast 11ac technology.
I would suggest you first send the support team a ticket to be sure there is not a problem with your Tablo or its firmware (they fixed a problem, remotely, with mine). Then make sure your network and streaming devices are the best/fastest they can be.
I have my Tablo wired to the router, standing on its side and using a reserved IP address – not sure if the last two make any difference but they’re easy to do. I use a Western Digital 2Tb Elements for the attached hard drive.
Oh, and Tablo Connect works great when we are at our vacation place, although sometimes there is a bit of buffering, I guess because the router we have there is the 5 y/o one we replaced at home.
Good luck!

Good to hear. A lot of us have learned that the old streaming network that has been limping along ok for years is not what Tablo needs to work well. I ended up getting a new router and 3 network extensions and now my LAN is much stronger and I have had few problems running Tablo wireless on 4 tvs in the four corners of the house.

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I am so frustrated. My tablo light goes off and I lose connection all the time. Also I have the Apple TV 4 which cannot keep a pairing connection. This is so frustrating. I keep my Tablo on a ceramic candle holder to allow for ventilation. I keep disconnecting it from the power source but nothing happens. I really want to know what I should do?