Tablo is a DVR--why do people watch live TV?


Ah, Netflix plays that blaring music/trailer stuff at you–but only on certain Roku boxes, like the Roku 3 I have.

It did NOT do that on the Roku TV I had for a little while, nor does it do that on my Fire TV boxes or via my web browser on my computer. I actually left my long-term relationship with Roku for this reason. I was on the verge of dumping Netflix because of it when that behavior began.

No, you should direct your annoyance at Roku because this is clearly their initiative.

I did find it interesting that clearly the Roku TV I had was filled with Roku guts that were too weak to support that nonsense. I gave that TV away. One is far, far better off buying separate TV and smarts.

So anyway, screw Roku for insisting that their boxes blare at you for no reason, to try to imitate turning on a TV in the 1970s when it just makes noise at you from the get go. They think that a silent screen is a turn off. Little do they know.


Definitely not a Roku thing. The last time I had this issue was last night on a PC via Firefox.


Doesn’t happen to me at all on Chrome, or on Fire TV, or like I said on my old Roku TV which was clearly built with cheap components to make a price point–and therefore didn’t have the oomph to process the blaring trailer music.

Netflix may want this to happen, but it’s clear they’re not in complete control of the process like they may say.