Tablo is a DVR--why do people watch live TV?

Outside of live sports, why do people watch live TV?

This question came to mind as I read the thread title, “can you stream the same channel to two TVs at once?”.

Are people really watching Wheel of Fortune or whatever in linear, appointment-based time?

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Valid question. Quite honestly the only other time I view live is if there is a relevant news or weather situation near me. Otherwise it’s all what I want, when I want, which is quite freeing.

I’ve been using DVRs since the days of ReplayTV, then Tivos, AirTV (yuck) and now Tablo. As mentioned, the only live TV we have watched since the ReplayTV days are news and weather.

Sports. I’m sure many people want to see sporting events live, because often times results are immediately posted and discussed everywhere creating spoilers.

Sports, absolutely–which is why I specifically began the discussion with, “outside of live sports…”

So I’ll ask it again:

Outside of live sports, why do people watch live TV?

This question came to mind as I read the thread title, “can you stream the same channel to two TVs at once?”.

Are people really watching Wheel of Fortune or whatever in linear, appointment-based time?

Deja vu?

You know my goal was to come here with my first post and make a memorable first impression. It seems I’ve certainly done that. :no_mouth:

The way I look at it, if a program is worth DVRing, it must mean that it’s something interesting to me. And if it’s something interesting to me, I get some kind of enjoyment out of it that makes it worth watching as soon as it’s available. Watching it live is the first opportunity to watch something that, in many cases, I’ve been waiting since last week for. The DVR is a backup in case I’m not home to watch it when it airs, or I’m busy with something else, or two or more programs air at the same time.

Will automatic commercial skip change that for you?

In a world where Netflix et al. release entire “seasons” of shows all at once, in which binge watching is not only accepted but is expected and/or completely normal in many groups, the commercial-skipping DVR can completely replicate that for you.

For example; I have only so much time during the week to watch stuff; as a result, the three medical dramas I watch are all on the back burner until the season is over. I’ll then spend some time catching up with those all at once, as my schedule permits.

I’m not worried about water cooler talk.

Even the stuff I do talk with people about, my friends all have DVRs and wait until their schedule permits to watch those things. We all know that’s how it works nowadays, and we refrain from spoiling anything until we have affirmed that we’ve all watched it and can discuss it.

I can’t imagine people nowadays, with their “I’m just so busy!” schedules they talk about, making time to be home, in front of the TV, chores done, at 9pm on Thursday or whatever to sit and watch a show filled 33% with commercial time.

Or, worse, a show on a pay TV channel that’s filled 50% with commercial time.

Not in this day and age, where technology exists such that the entertainment is there to serve you and not the other way around.

Other than sports as you noted, the only time I will watch Live TV is if I am busy doing something else and only half paying attention. I’ll tune to a show on live TV that is semi interesting, but don’t really care if I miss. If it happens to get interesting or peaks my interest, then I will hit record and actually watch it later. Other than that, I can’t think of why anyone would watch anything live.

Tivo has had some form of commercial skip for quite a while. As I recall, version 1 required pressing the D button, Version 2 used IFTTT and the next version will probably automate the process, with the option to revert to manual. Pending commercial skip is why I bought Tablo. The only thing they are missing, that AirTV has, is integration with Sling’s guide.

Wheel of Fortune. I like it. I watch it sometimes. But the only things that get recorded are things we are really interested in and don’t want to miss. Anything else is just watched as aired. So WOF never gets recorded. It’s not unusual for me to sit down for 30 minutes and just want something to watch, so I’ll channel flip, find a re-run or old movie or something. Nothing that would ever need to be recorded.


…for a minimal number of prime time/popular programs:

Actual commercial skip is automated by the device itself, or should be, and works on any recorded/recording program.

ReplayTV rocked.

I had heard the same thing, manual commercial marking. I was not sure if they are still doing that, since the link you posted was from 2015. I still have a Tivo (Roamio and Bolt) and some recordings never have the SKIP indicator, e.g., all USA Network shows I have recorded.

Of course local news, well maybe occasional national network news. Although I’m not technically watching, I often turn on the tv when I get home for the the “noise”.

As someone mentioned, I may have something on in the background while I’m online or doing things, not fully watching but kind know what’s going on.

I seldom to never actually watch an actual program live - I can not stand the commercial breaks! anymore… for me, it’s a few taps on the keyboard auto-commercial-removal, to me is like, really? how much resistance is there.

For drama series I generally wait until I get at least half the season. For sitcoms, I let them accumulate hit-miss maybe.

My wife feels the need occasionally because of spoilers and so she can spill over a show with her sister, niece, ect…

I’m with you though. Most of the time I don’t even know when a show airs.

I usually wait until the news is over unless there is a local weather event. Even then my weather radio tells me first.

I like to get a feel for a show. Some have everything wrapped up in each episode with a weak arc across a season. I’ll watch those from week to week but not in real time. Other shows have a strong arc across a season and lot’s of nail biters. I let those simmer in the background and I binge them.

I get the feel most US drama series have some agenda to “sway public option.” Not just the obvious political garbage. Some more subtle I can overlook, others so blatant I don’t find the show to be entertaining.

Recently I recorded a new show, I had over 6 episodes before I watched to first, and decided it wasn’t for me… But often, you know you want to catch the next episode right now.

Years ago society coined a word for that: Tino.