Tablo is a DVR--why do people watch live TV?

I think there was I time some alleged entertainment might have been considered propaganda.

As the thread was going… I record several episodes of a series before watching. This was new-to-the-season, didn’t know what I was in for. When I accumulated 6 episodes, I watched the first and realized the entire series wasn’t something I’d be watching, so I didn’t bother recording any more.

I don’t accumulate recordings just for the sake of recording. People archive shows… and never watch them again, because who wants reruns (except toddlers). People have DVD collections… just sitting there (and some with boxes of video tapes)

I have to admit, I still have the first episode of Smash sitting there (love the ending), and the first episode of the new Magnum PI (love watching him go old-school). And I tend to keep 5 episodes of a series around, just for reference if needed. But overall, yeah–when they’re done, they’re done.

I do keep the full season of The Blacklist until the next season starts, at which point it’s on Netflix so there’s no need to keep it anymore.

I remember way back in the ReplayTV days, some dude was frantic about his drive failing because he had some years old showing of the Victoria’s Secret show that he was specifically keeping around. There’s no accounting for taste.

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We just record things like Nova, 60 minutes, and 48 hours. We don’t watch most of them but I prefer it to missing a good episode which I will inevitably find out about after it aired. That’s the problem with a DVR. You occasionally see commercials for shows you would like to see however you missed because of time shifting.

Commercials? I don’t see commercials. At all. Such is the value of automatic commercial skip.

So, I end up finding out about new shows when I log into Hulu and they toss random stuff up on the main screen, before I go to My Stuff. I discovered Abby’s that way the other day.

Or I hear other people talking about shows. Shoot, I just discovered Nip/Tuck. Never watched it 15 years ago.

I don’t have automatic commercial skip yet. Not to mention there is no way to skip the banners at the bottom of the program you are watching. Sometimes the promo is side by side with the credits. I don’t actively watch commercials but my remote finger isn’t fast enough to block every commercial before they pull me in.

Outside of live sports and local news, both of which have been mentioned, I sometimes watch one of the late night shows if there’s a guest I want to see. But I wouldn’t record the late night shows on a regular basis, since I’m not always interested in them.

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As responses to the question in your first post… while watching live tv, we’re stuck with them - or is that “bathroom break” time.

I had Hulu when they still had a watch list and went straight there bypassing the home ad-ridden homepage. I had noticed Abby’s in my tablo’s tv show’s, premier tab… ad free, but that’s me.

Um, there’s no ad-ridden home page on Hulu. Just a list of things they have, new things, things that you might like.

I have ad-free Hulu. Wouldn’t have it any other way.

As for bathroom breaks…man, how many do you have to take? Every five minutes??? See a doctor!

I miss-phrased that, Hulu’s self advertising show’s they want you to watch… you have an auto-paying subscription so they’re getting their money - but they target you “we think you might like this” - don’t think for yourself.

During live TV commercials, do you wait them out (watching) or go to the bathroom , read email or just pick your nose?

Some people understand what constitutes advertisement.

Amazon must be the king of helpful suggestions. I’m not a Prime member. Have never watched, rented, or bought a movie from Amazon. I have a Gen 2 Fire TV stick as a backup to my Rokus. And every few weeks when I access the Fire stick, Amazon seems to be able to suggest movies I might like.

But it never makes any suggestions for good porn movies.

You mean how like Target has things out on the shelves for you to see as you wander back to buy paper towels?

My foil hat isn’t on as tightly as yours, apparently.

I don’t watch live TV or commercials, so I don’t understand what you’re getting at.

No, that’s just a store display. It’s…

Often refereed to data mining for targeted demographics. You know, so you can have a more enjoyable [marketing] experience. The superficial examples they provide barely touch the surface just how much they know about people.

I know this is going to be regrettable…

Watch the bad ones, just focus on the important parts. :poop:


“Hey, here’s some stuff we have that we think you may like (and that we want you to see so maybe you buy)” is different for Target than for Hulu?

So it’s NOT that Target is “advertising” those things to people, despite the huge effort they spend in making store signage to maximize their revenue?

Target isn’t data mining for targeted demographics, but Hulu is?

You two would do and say anything ridiculous to defend Tablo or, in this case, try to denigrate anything that might make people not buy a Tablo.

Target, a store people incandescently walk into, doesn’t know you individually as Hulu does, a service you sign into and interact with as a specific individual… you really don’t see the difference?

Got through over 35 post… now you are -again- targeting individual attacks…
I’m out

Gee, I kind of remember when I was in school I got a BS and MS in Marketing. I also remember my adviser assigning us to marketing projects at P&G in Cincinnati.

And it’s the old chicken and egg argument. By the time you are targeted they have already determined who they want to target. They then follow that up with phsychometrics to better understand how it worked and expand the audience.

I do–but those shelves are as carefully curated as anything Hulu does, based on the neighborhood customers.

That Hulu has a bunch of stuff and chooses some of it to show to me based on if they think I’d like it, is meaningless to me. They can do what they want. I can choose to ignore it, or–in the case of Abby’s–to pay attention to it.

Your foil hat is quite a beauty.

I don’t know about Hulu but Netflix annoys the heck out of me with this crap. It’s not the suggestions. It’s the fact that they play blaring trailers if you don’t scroll past them quickly enough. Also Netflix is terrible at suggestions. The search is even worse. I searched for the word zombie and one of the results was a Barbie movie. I wish I could find the screenshot I took.