Tablo internal web browser

If I put in the IP address of the Tablo, I get a generic webpage as default. Is there any functionality that I can access locally without having to go through ?

I had an issue the other night with really slow network hop times and after 20 minutes of being locked on synching from my web browser, I gave up and rebooted the machine. I would like to know if I can do direct access to the box via an IP address instead of this round about way with

From a computer, unfortunately no.

Yes and no. The Tablo application… no… there is limited access to file/media data via url though.

For example if you know the Tablo rec_id number for the program you can access the m3u8 playlist like so:


You can use a program like SurLaTablo to easily search the media on your Tablo and get the rec_id. -q 'The Flash' -Q '${rec_id} ${friendly_title}'
640819 The Flash - s02e16 - Trajectory
585734 The Flash - s02e13 - Welcome to Earth-2
578003 The Flash - s02e12 - Fast Lane
570517 The Flash - s02e11 - The Reverse-Flash Returns
563160 The Flash - s02e10 - Potential Energy
518477 The Flash - s02e09 - Running to Stand Still
518476 The Flash - s02e08 - Legends of Today
497168 The Flash - s02e07 - Gorilla Warfare

So… some limited access is available.

Of course, this is SurLaTablo, so maybe this output is more convenient: -q 'The Flash' -Q 'http://<your-tablo-ip>:18080:/pvr/${rec_id}/pl/playlist.m3u8?title="${friendly_title}"'

One idea though for when you’re having Internet issues, programs like Tablo Ripper and Tablo Exporter(both floating around these forums) should still work since they access the Tablo directly. They’ll let you pull recordings off your Tablo so you can watch them on your PC locally. Obviously nowhere near as nice as the apps, but better than nothing.

Thanks for the info. It would be nice to have a basic webpage the could display the status of the Tablo. I am sure this would be very beneficial for troubleshooting.