Do any Third Party apps work with Tablo HDMI units?

I’m interested in purchasing a Tablo HDMI DVR, but want to continue to be able to download recordings as I’m doing now with my network connected Tablos.

Do any of the current third party apps work with the HDMI connected Tablos?

Is anyone contemplating creating a new app or modifying an existing app to work with the HDMI connected Tablos?

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There once was this post:

Not sure if it was just “early days” and has since been blocked or if the CEO had elevated privileges…

not that’s I’ve tried, but it sounds like others have tried and failed aka complained it doesn’t work, but they may have missed something.


I know this is an old topic, but I had the same question recently and Tablo Ripper WILL work you just have to copy the ip from the Tablo and enter it where it asks.

Tablo Tools if you enter the ip of the HDMI Tablo under the “test device” it also will find it. I have not tested what works or not though yet, just found this out today.

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I also wrote an addon for NextPVR that uses the TabloTV dual and quad DVR as in input device. I find it works better then my HDHR. If someone could test if the HDMI model responds the same way I could answer this question. If the discovery is different I probably could add a manual IP. I live in the same city as Nuvyyo but they sadly they didn’t respond to my email to borrow test units.

If there is a place to enter an ip address it should work. So far that seems to be what is needed for things to see it. I can even type the ip on my iPhone in the Safari Browser and it can find the Tablo, nothing shows and it is blank, but says Tablo.

I am not a big techie, but I can try this program soon.

There isn’t right now, but I am curious what discovery will show. I assume these devices still respond to for scanning etc, and there could be some way to do this. If you join and make a post here NextPVR Forums - Extras I can help you along. Running on Windows is easier then other platforms will be easier if that makes a difference. Installing the server is one exe file and then configuring the TabloTV is another. You won’t have an EPG but you will get the idea.

This is all it shows, no way to add anything manually. I have no idea what that IPTV device is, unless that is the Tablo, but everything is empty under it. All they need to do is add a way to manually add a device I think. I joined their forum with same user name.

There are post show which port to use. As for network discovery, there are posts for this. These discussions date all the way back to the beginning of tablo, almost.

Here’s a couple of hints to get started…

Then from there you can dig into the JSON data for recordings, not on drive. I have found a script to use directly use ffmpeg with the playlist somewhere on github. Nuvyyo (Tablo’s parent corp) still has their old kodi scripts there - you can dig a lot from there.

You can follow through it’s readable. You can search outside tablo and (maybe still) find information and this Unofficial Tablo API Docs & Info

These are, of course, for network connected devices.

Thanks that’s the problem for my addon since his starts off with no cpe values from the internet discovery call, so I need to add the manual /server/info page into my logic. I am tracking this on the NextPVR forum.

Note using my addon, the TabloTV works in Kodi via pvr.nextpvr

Most links like the ones above do not find the HDMI models, that is why the problem on the HDMI only models. {“success”: true, “error”: {“code”: 80, “message”: “None found”}}

I am in the other forum too, trying to help. Not sure what the change is in the HDMI models, but it seems you need to manually add the ip yourself to get things like Ripper and TTools to find it.

It’s a web server. Tablo runs lighttp to stream and server up HTTP request. It doesn’t answer the default port 80. Using 8080 you can access directory listing on the drive, even then you have to specify the directory (now). A different port returns queries to the tablo for various request and/or info. http://tabloIP:8885/server/harddrives

Presumably with the HDMI device, the web server just doesn’t respond to HTTP request straight like network devices. I’m not sure, but I feel it seems like a reasonable presumption.

Thanks for the links, I hadn’t consider the UDP discovery before so I added that as well as manual entry and both work with the DVR we shall see with the HDMI.

I will still need the 8885 interface for channels and playback.

Have it working fine now, Windows 11 Pro and can watch and listen thru the Edge browser. No changes, no add ons, just worked.