Tablo Gen 4 with LG Smart TV

We purchased the Tablo Gen 4 for our new TV so we could pause live television (our old tv had this integrated in it) There is no Tablo TV app in the App store on the new TV and it looks like maybe tha’s because they don’t support our TV model yet.
I like the device overall and can use it on other TV’s in my house, so, is there a 3rd party app that will work with my new TV? Like can I use it through Apple TV or something?
If I keep this device will there someday be an app that works with it on my new TV or will I have to buy a whole new device?

Apple TV and LG are still “coming soon.” The app is available on Roku and Android TV. I haven’t used Roku but the app is good on Chromecast with Google TV.

So when (and hopefully WHEN not IF) they release the app for LG, i should still be able to use my same device and will not have to purchase a new one, correct?

It appears that way but I can’t speak for the company. They list both LG and Apple TV as coming soon. They’ve stated that Apple TV should be the next released later this fall. :crossed_fingers:

Yep. As long as your LG TV supports the webOS operating system it should be able to access/download the app when it’s available.

In the meantime you can see all of our supported devices and apps here:

Is there an expected date when the app will be released?

Sorry Sarah, but I don’t have an ETA to share right now. A lot of the timeline is up to how quickly we can work with LG to get the app into their store which can take a lot longer than the more standard platforms like Roku or Fire TV.

I have a Tablo 4 and a slightly older Chromecast with Android TV. The 1080p version. The app will not install on that device for some reason. It keeps giving me an error when it tries to install. I have two 8-year-old roku’s and that app works perfect.

I think I may have figured it out. I tried to install the app using my phone onto the Chromecast and it gave an error that there is not enough storage space. I’ll delete some apps and try again when I get home. Too bad the Chromecast itself didn’t define the install error.

Looking forward to an LG WebOS app release for Gen 4. I just picked up a Tablo to try out and it looks promising. I’m a long time TiVo owner that’s gone without one since my Roamio died last year. My most wanted feature is time shifting so I hope that makes the first release. Until then I’m testing it out with an iPad and FireTV stick on a secondary TV. I really wish AirPlay worked from the iPad.

Just picked up an LG TV; looking forward to having the Tablo app available for it and cut out the Chromecast in the middle. Thanks!

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Any new scuttlebutt out there regarding the development and/or release candidate status of the LG webOS app release for Tablo Gen 4?

Hopefully the new LG webOS app will be released sometime in Q2 2024?

I wouldn’t expect anything till the AppleTv app gets out of beta. I am curious if there will be a beta for the LG app.

Unfortunately due to the closed nature of the app stores on Samsung and LG we won’t be able to do betas for those.

The apps for both are in progress though.


A Fire stick light or Roku express are both currently 19.99 and both will work with a Tablo. Not fun having to spend 20 bucks but at least it works, plus you can use it when you travel. Not for the Tablo but other apps you install on it.

Perhaps you have an old Firestick or Roku laying around?

Not sure that the Roku Express will keep up with the Tablo’s need for speed. I’ve been reading here that even the newer Roku Express 4K+ doesn’t quite keep up, so if you want to spend only $20, do it on a Walmart ONN Google TV box. If you can spend more, Walmart also has the Roku Ultra LT for about twice that. From personal experience, I know that one works, and has a tolerable UI.

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If the Roku Express 4k can’t keep up, I’m surprised that the Walmart Onn can keep up. Do you have personal experience with it because I’m in the same boat at the OP?

I have an Express 4K+ that I haven’t bothered to use with the Tablo because I’ve read here that it doesn’t work well. I have experience with the Chromecast 4K with Google TV, and that works fine. The ONN Google TV is very similar to the Chromecast 4K. You can also find lots of postings here talking about the fact that the Walmart ONN Google TV works well with the Tablo. If you’re looking for a good rock-bottom priced streaming box that works with the Tablo, I’d go with the ONN.

The Express 4+ Roku and the ONN Google TV are very different. The hardware is different, and the OS platform is different. You can’t really compare them.

I have Amazon Fire stick 4K and 4K Max. They both work well. the Firestick 4K is currently on sale for 29.99. I do not like the firesticks menu, however I do like that you can legally jailbreak it and can add memory using an OTG cable and USB memory stick.

Amazon is working on their own OS that will be tightly locked down. Presumably only new models may come with it, but I wouldn’t be surprised if Amazon forced an update on recent models.