Tablo Gen 4 with LG Smart TV

Yes, the Fire Stick 4K ($30, as you said) and Fire Stick 4K Max ($40) are on sale today in the “Big Spring Sale” :-). And I share your dislike for the Fire UI, even though I have the Max for its Tablo compatibilty.

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You mentioned you have a Chromecast. So does that mean you can cast to it from the android app on the phone? I’ve done screen mirroring from my phone to the TV, but it’s not the best experience since all the controls are on the phone.

The only casting that I did while I was using the Chromecast 4K was to cast the Britbox app from my iPad to the Chromecast. Chromecast 4K doesn’t have the Britbox app, which I use quite a bit. Worked great, I could use the Britbox app on the Chromecast 4K that way. Once the app was going on the TV, control was handed off from the iPad to the TV, and the iPad could be closed. Not my favorite way to use an app, but it worked well.

I expect that would also work from an Android phone, Google device → Google device will most likely work well. But again, haven’t tried that, not using an Android phone at the moment.

Any progress on the LG webOS app?

Soon-ish? Or nah?

We are working with LG on approvals but unlike the more mainstream platforms, the process is more nebulous and doesn’t have a dependable timeline.

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Dropped Direct TV in favor of the Tablo. Tablo works great on delivering to every TV in the house except the LGTV. Tried changing out wires; even installed a new Roku. Nothing works. I brought another TV into the room and hooked it up using the same wiring, picture is Pixillated and scramble on that TV as well. (no problem on other TV in the house. Tablo delivers recorded Tv to the LG, but no OTA. LGTV will not load an update to the system. Anything I can do?

For the location that has had issues with two different TVs, it sounds like you have used the same (albeit new) Roku on both TVs, correct? Is that Roku connected to your network via Ethernet or WiFi? What model Roku is it?