Tablo Gen 4 locking up

Tablo stops responding. Either I have to unplug or sometimes doing a force stop and clearing cache on Firestick gets it going again.

Using latest firmware. I did reinstall tablo app but didn’t seem to matter. Looking for ideas.

The legacy units sometimes had bad power supplies, possibly the 4th Gen could have the same issue?

If running an external drive you could run without it to see if the HD is causing the issues (but you’d need to be careful as the Tablo housekeeping may decide to remove pointers to any recordings on the drive).

I’ve had a similar issue on three occasions since I bought the 4th Gen 2 Tuner version. The last time it happened, I checked the Tablo on port 8887. When things are working, the web browser should display “Hello World”

My error is in this post

I opened a ticket with support and didn’t get any answers.