4th Gen - Unable to Connect - Server Busy

This morning my android apps (Hisense Google TV and Android phone, both version 1.1.5) cannot connect to my 4th Gen 2 Tuner Tablo. I do not have an external hard drive connected to the Tablo.

The Mystatus page shows the tablo is connected.

I get a sever busy error from the Tablo when I directly connect to the url on port 8887.


I haven’t rebooted the device yet, because I want to see if this condition clears at some point.

I waited an hour before rebooting the Tablo, then waited for the Hello World message on port 8887 before trying to connect. The Hisense Google TV connected without issue. My android phone got stuck in the new device setup sequence.

This is the third time my phone app has been stuck since I purchased the Tablo in late April. This time I forced the app to stop and cleared the app data. When I relaunched the app, I was able to connect to the Tablo.

I never looked at port 8887 on the Tablo before during a failure, so I can’t say that the Server Busy condition is recurring.

I’m not working this Tablo very hard. Last night I recorded two programs and there are only a few other recordings in my library.