Tablo for Plex - Now available in the Plex Channel Store


You might consider getting a compatible NAS device or an Nvidia Shield for use as a server. Since you’ve got a Mac, you might also consider getting a Mac Mini. A lot of it depends on what degree of real-time transcoding capability you want for the server and how many hard drives (and whether they’re internal or external) you want it to have (or be able to expand to). For remote access, real-time transcoding might be especially important.

As for commercial removal, I’ve been considering getting MCEBuddy with Comskip myself once the weather turns cooler.


The Mac mini with some external drives may just be the way for me to go. TBH, I probably won’t do much remote access with plex.

It will be used primarily within the house. But with 3 boys and the wife, I will need something and I need a small footprint. The office is beginning to get a little crowded!


I was going to say that a mac mini is probably more than you need. If budget is a concern, and you have the technical skills, an Intel NUC or Zotac Zbox would probably come in a few hundred dollars cheaper and work for you.

You would need to deal with either Linux or FreeBSD (or pay for windows) to go the NUC/Zbox route. So, this really depends on your ability (and patience).

I’m currently running Plex on an Intel NUC with an i3. The media library is stored on a pair of USB attached hard drives (Seagate 5TB) that are mirrored. It can transcode full 1080p without breaking a sweat. Point being, even a used Mac Mini with USB drives for media should work.


I have a 13 or 15 MacBook Pro retina coming to me. It’s got a bad keyboard but works fine other than that. I’ll set that up under my desk with 2 5 to drives, one for back up and one for media.

I’ll be using that as I am getting it for free. Then I can save some $$$$ and go in a better direction once I have some cash.

I am a little nervous about how to get my tv shows off the Tablo drive and remove commercials and put the tv shows into plex. I am an it guy, but scripting is not my wheelhouse.


Look in these forums. TabloToGo, TabloRipper, MCEBuddy, These tools will help you. ComSkip too.

I use, VLC, and a complicated FFmpeg (very complicated tool to use) command line myself.

you may also want to look at HandBreak. I’ve not used it, but I’ve heard some good things.


Well I got it working! Once I downloaded the right ffmpeg file!

This is a slick app. Family will continue to fight through commercials, I don’t have time to strip them unless there is a mac app that does a good job. Any recommendations I am open.

I have over 400 episodes to convert, gonna be long. Night for the computer…

Then again, the Tablo for plex channel makes it easy to view Tablo live tv and recordings as well.


[quote=“Canons900, post:390, topic:464”]
Family will continue to fight through commercials, I don’t have time to strip them unless there is a mac app that does a good job. Any recommendations I am open.[/quote]
I forgot MCEBuddy was Windows only. These might prove helpful: found via

[quote=“eek, post:389, topic:464”]
you may also want to look at HandBreak. I’ve not used it, but I’ve heard some good things.[/quote]
I’ve used HandBrake to do VOB to MP4 conversions, but I’m not sure how it would be used for this purpose.


I am sure the combination of MceBuddy and Tablo ripper would work fine. I use Mcebuddy on my Plex dvr it works pretty good. Plex DVR is not as reliable as Tablo.


This thread might contain something helpful to the channel maintainer:


Thank you! I’ve also noticed that if I click the PLAY button on the Plex player immediately after it opens (instead of waiting for it to auto-start, when using the Tablo Channel) will likely result in success on Android platforms. I’ve still not gotten Apple devices to work outside the house yet.



I’m a bit of a newb to Plex, and for the life of me, I cannot find the Tablo Channel. I have figured out that Plex now calls Channels Plugins, but on my Plex server web page only a very few plugins load. Is there a way to search plugins, or can someone give me a step by step to find the Tablo plugin?




Last time I looked the plex tablo plug-in was here:

You click on the button “clone or download”, then unzip the file.
Copy the resulting unzipped folder “tablo.master-bundle” to your plex plug-in folder.
When I copied this folder I renamed it to “tablo.bundle”

My plug-in folder is found here:
c:\Users\Your User Name\AppData\Local\Plex Media Server\Plug-ins\


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Seems that the Plex App isn’t grabbing the “Recent Recordings” nor “Help/About Your Tablo”? Not sure about "Shows, “Movies” or “Sports” as I just recently set up the Tablo last night.

Plex Version
Tablo channel v0.992

Plex, Tablo Channel, and Vizio - Not working

Did it all. Moved Tablo.bundle to plugins. Exited PLEX. Restarted Plex. Went to Live TV-DVR. Still does not see Tablo. ALso tried the IP and did not see it.
Plex version#
Plugins shows “non installed”
Tablo is NEW QUAD as of 4/16/2019


Plex is no longer supporting plugins. They were removed or disable a couple of releases previously.

Lots of chatter about this on their forums and Reddit.


Did they disable the ability to manually install a channel too?

FWIW: I think it’s a crap move that Plex didn’t update the channels installation guide to let people know they don’t support it anymore. I spent more time then I would have liked trying to find out first that it was renamed and then that it was removed.


While very true that Plex is dropping add-on, aka Channels, they at least still work using DLNA (at least on the Roku last time I checked).