Tablo for Plex - Now available in the Plex Channel Store


I haven’t changed anything since I got this to work. With live tv. Was testing it today and now I can’t load the tablo channel. I still have 2.2.10


Ok so I went and was looking more. It seems my tablo changed IP addresses. I had the address listed for the tablo to find. How do I get it back to the IP address it had? I will then set this up in my router to stay the same. The reason I need to change it back? My printer is on that IP address and I was wondering why I wasn’t able to print anymore.



You can reserve an address for your Tablo on your router. First, copy down the MAC address of your Tablo, found on the bottom of the unit, or on the Tablo’s “about” screen. (This number is factory assigned and doesn’t change). On your TP-Link C7, click the DHCP option on the router’s home page. Then go into into the Address Reservation section, enter the MAC address (using hypens instead of colons between the two character “numbers”) and the IP address you want to assign to the Tablo.

Once saved, re-boot the router, and you should be OK. The router will manage address reservations, and assign the IP address requested. Other devices will be assigned an IP address from the DHCP pool.



Got that done. It still took a bit for the tablo’s to stay connected to the ip address I reserved. I just went ahead and did that for both. I also set one for my printer. Thank you again for your help. :grin:


Many people will “reserve” addresses for any device used regularly used on their network. As the “Internet of Things” become more widespread, I suppose this will be more common. I’ve got mine set up so that all Roku boxes are in one range, the kid’s stuff is in another range and the Tablo and Plex server sit “outside” of the range that the router imposes upload/download limits upon.

The router will assign an IP address to guests and visitors, from the DHCP pool. These address leases expire every thirty minutes. Router will typically go 60+ days between needing a reboot.


Which ones are “outside” the upload/download limits? I think I want to do that to mine also. I was also wanting to “reserve” the ip address for my plex server. Is this just the computer I have the server on?



On the Archer C7 router, click on the Bandwidth Controls - Control Settings button. Here, you can set the maximum upload and download speeds provided by your ISP. Then, in the Rules List, you set the amount you are willing to allocate to any user. The user is specified by IP address and port number, and can be a range.

Since I don’t want my kids hogging all of the bandwidth with interactive, multi-player video gaming, I set the IP address range for their devices (192.168.xx.101 to 192.168.xx.199) to 6 mbs up and 40 mbs down. I also include all ports (1 to 65535). This throttles their max speed…but it’s still fast enough to enjoy the games. (Comcast provides about 90 mbs down and about 11 mbs up.)

My Tablo sits at 192.168.xx.100 and my Plex server at 192.168.xx.200. Since these are outside of the specified control range, they can use however much bandwidth the need – which usually isn’t very much.

My DHCP is configured to assign addresses between 192.168.xx.100 to 192.168.xx.200. This allows me to use an address reservation in the router to reserve an IP address for the Tablo and the Plex, yet still provide these units “full speed” access. My printer is set to a static address of 192.168.xx.240, so every machine on the network can find it reliably. (Only a few of today’s consumer devices allow for “static IP”, which is why address reservations on routers have become a popular option.) My access point routers are set at 192.168.xx.2 through 5, so they too have full access speed as they move traffic through the house.

When other daughter moves back this summer, I will enable the guest network feature of the C& with a small range of IP addresses and a greatly limited bandwidth restriction. This guest network will not be PWD protected and will not allow them access to the “in-house” network – they will only be able to get to the internet, but will be able to do so without a password. She tells me that is all her friends will require when they come over, so they can access Pandora and play their music or watch YouTube.



That really helps. I will work on setting up something like that. Does the plex server have a separate IP then the computer it is on? Or is it just the computer IP address?


It is just the IP address, and then the Plex port number.


I cannot find the tablo channel in the channel directory no matter what I do? What am I doing wrong?


Categories\TV or Media Types\Video in the T’s


Does anyone know if the source code for the Tablo channel for Plex is open source? If so, I’d appreciate a link to it – I want to attempt to fix the “not enough bandwidth” error that we’re seeing when we try to use the Tablo channel outside of our home network.


It’s on GitHub here:

The official Plex plugins forked it too:


Thank you!


jimzix- did the above plugin fix your Plex issue with Tablo away from the home network??


I’m going to take a look at the source code later today. Not entirely sure the issue is in the Plex Channel code or within “McStreamy” (the smart bandwidth manager) inside of Plex itself.


Ok- be interested in what you find… been looking for a fix for mine for a few months-


It appears that the issue is in McStreamy in Plex. Did not see anything in the Tablo channel code that specified the bandwidth needed to stream. The channel app simply transfers a stream to Plex.

Locally, all works fine. When I force a PC to come in through a different IP address (or specify an address exception in Plex) I get the same error message on that PC.

Will continue to look into this and will report back IF I find anything. For now, though, Tablo channel only works through a local IP address or through a VPN.




I setup my mac to be a plex server today. All movies and tv shows added.

Then I added the Tablo channel in plex and lo and behold, it works like a dream on my home network. I’ve yet to try it out remotely. But for now I can use the Tablo app when traveling.

It’s pretty cool. I’d really like to move shows and strip commercials, but one step at a time.

I plan on building a dedicated server just for plex and I’m researching this. It has to cost effective… as in just about free!

After that, next step is move shows off my hard drive and start stripping out commercials.