Tablo for Plex - Now available in the Plex Channel Store


Great - thank you! The Tablo team is great and I really appreciate both the product and the service. Hope you’re able to enjoy a nice weekend in Ottawa.



I just updated Plex to the latest ( and the TabloTV channel plugin to the latest (0.992) and the plugin can no longer tune channels for live tv. This happen to anyone else?


Yes, it has been reported. Doesn’t hurt to let them know that another Plexian thinks the Plex Channel is important. The Channel app was originally developed by an outside third party, though, not Tablo.


Has there been any progress on the Plex app update? This is too kool to let die!


I agree, we can’t let this die. Maybe it’s time for Tablo make this plugin official and bring it in house? Of course it needs to get fixed too. :wink:



I posted this issue on the Plex forum, but haven’t received any responses. Hoping for some insight.

I’m switching from HDHomerun to Tablo, hoping the interface is better.

All channels work using the Tablo interface on my Windows 10 computer (web based specific to Tablo), but when using the Plex Channel for Tablo only some work. For example, 5.1 (NBC) works but when I try to launch 2.1 (Fox) I get “This channel is not responding” message. Again, this station works when using Tablo by itself. Tried rebooting, reloading etc.

I’m also have a problem with playing back recorded content on the Xbox 360, some work while others don’t (all work in the web based program).

Last question - is the experience any better using Roku3 vs. Xbox 360? I’m using Xbox, and am thinking about getting Roku.



I have the same issue with 1 or two channels coming through on the Plex channel but even that is intermittent.

The Roku works well, pretty much the same as the web client on the internal network. The only thing I don’t care for on the table Roku app is the need to back out of channels to go to another one. You can really channel flip easily.


I just discovered the glory of Plex! So I installed the Tablo channel only to find that it doesn’t work.

Recordings and live TV seem to populate the UI correctly, but I can’t seem to get any streams to actually play.

On my Roku they never get past 13% and playback doesn’t begin. On a desktop I get a spinner that ultimately ends in either “channel is not responding” or “Cannot load M3U8: Crossdomain access denied.”

Is anyone successfully using this plugin?


I’m a new Tablo purchaser, only had it now for a few weeks. Plex unfortunately does not work for me either. I can get recorded programs to play, however, any live TV will not. It just gives me an error. An official plex channel would be greatly appreciated, please make this happen! One thing I LOVE about the plex app controlling my recorded programs is that 30 second skip actually works on the PS4/Plex app. Using the roku/official tablo app is very annoying for recorded programs as use have to use the 10 second skip button.


Hi guys

The plex channel needs some love and be converted to the new api for tablo… i have started to do this but decided to rewrite the plugin as the api was a fair bit diffrent and it was easier to start from scratch than try to modify all the calls… with that being said the plex plugin arch isnt as easy to work with if it was just straight python … but i am hoping to have at least livetv part to test in the next couple weeks or so.


Many, many thanks for your past and current efforts. My family loves Plex and Tablo, and your channel allows us to “marry” them together in a single common gui.



@crichardso … You are the best! Many thanks!


Thanks man great news!


Hi All

just wanted to give an update of where I am at

So i have got all the pieces for LiveTV done in python and will work on putting this in the plex plugin format hopefully over the next week along with general code cleanup…

The live tv will include the show/movie title, The network name, and channel number along with the image tablo assigns to the show so when you are looking at the live channel section you will have a better idea of what is actually playing.

I will follow up more when i have something in the actual plex plugin format


Very exciting! Can’t wait to see it in action!


Many thanks – can’t wait to see it in action when we get set up in the new place!



Great looking forward to your update


Just checking to see if any updates I may have missed for the Tablo app on Plex (and also my USTVNOW plugin not working on Plex either)

Update on USTVNOW plugin-just updated 24 Sept and works now-see following for GitHub info (lukebussey/USTVnow.bundle)…


Been looking forward to this. Any chance it will be release soon? :slight_smile:


Any news on the app?