Tablo Exporter - Export Tablo Recordings

Sorry you are upset, the people on these forums put these things together for free on our own time with the hope that if there are bugs we can get people to help.

Sorry you feel the way you do.

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You seemed to have missed the point of my response. I wasn’t upset with the folks in this Forum. Most times they are very constructive and very helpful. That’s why I posted in the first place.

I was upset with the comment-

‘So, you don’t want to Figure this thing out.’

Comments like that are not constructive.

Sorry you took that the wrong way, I truly was asking if you wanted help or not.

All’s good. Thanks. I’m trying some things. Anything good happens, I’ll comment.


Removed all previous downloads of (1)Tablo Exporter and (2)FFMpeg. Then downloaded them from -

(As previously posted)

(particularly the ‘dmg’ version)

I had used (1) before, but only used (2) this last time. This time I was successful for what ever reason.

Thanks all!

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Glad you got it working!

Great to hear that! The .dmg is the proper way to install an executable on a Mac. Unpacking other versions (unzipping, untarring, etc.) doesn’t always install all the dependencies and set all the paths. I have a Mac Mini and should have remembered that.

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This is great, thank you for the update!!!


Is there an Apple Mac equivalent to MCEBuddy?

I looked a while back and did not see anything that was any good to be honest. But that was a while ago

Thanks for the updates Jestep!

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Recently movies haven’t been naming in the Plex format. TV shows appear to still work, but not movies. I noticed it after the update to the new firmware and your software.

Hmm, that is interesting as the naming did not change.

I will take a look. However, give me some time as I may not be able to get to it for about a week

Not a problem. It isn’t too much trouble to do it myself, but just thought I’d mention it. Let me know if you need any logs when you start getting into it.

What is it doing anyway? Can you give me an example?

Just outputs the name of the movie, without the year in parenthesis.

ok, I will look thanks

Ok can you give a shot??

That seemed to work. I think the problem was that it wasn’t classifying movies as movies, they were unknown.

This new version since the firmware update still seems to take a few minutes to open, even though I just opened it last night. Any reason why it hasn’t gotten a lot quicker?

Maybe delete the recordings.db file? It will recreate the file.

Maybe it was corrupt or something?