Tablo Exporter and Tablo Ripper

Can someone concisely compare what Tablo Exporter does with what Tablo Ripper does? I’m not looking to rank them - both are welcome and much appreciated contributions to our community - but to understand their features.

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I’ve only used TE. It lets you extract shows off your Tablo in multiple formats, MP4 is the general compatible one with most players. It’s quick. You can do multiple episodes at once.

I’ve only used Tablo Ripper. It runs under Windows, and I’ve used it with Windows 7, 8.1 and 10. TR when you run it, gives a listing of all content available on your Tablo. You can select individual or multiple programs for download to your computer, use filters to include or exclude certain shows, and you can have it simply download all new content. Downloads are in mp4 format, but I believe that the developer plans on adding the ability to select the download format. I haven’t played with Tablo Exporter, other than to have a quick look at the message board postings. There is one other way I’ve looked at to pull content off the Tablo, via a plugin for Video Lan. I’ve played with that a little, and it works okay, but I prefer Tablo Ripper for its simplicity and ease of use.

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Not trying to start a thread on which is better, but wanted to confirm that they are basically doing the same thing - pulling content off Tablo. I’m happy to have choices.

Tablo Ripper is Windows Only, Tablo Exporter will do all platforms


Absolutely… the better one is that which suits your needs, and works well for you. From what I’ve seen, both developers here are very good about fixing bugs and are receptive to new features.


I’ve been using TR for about a month, and it has saved me heaps of time. It’s simple to run, and creates MP4 files in a pre-determined folder on my Windoze 10 machine. No experience with TE.

Unfortunately, the TR needs an update(hope the author is aware). Since Tablo updated to 2.28 it appears a file’s format has changed, and filenames are coming through an NULL.timestamp.mp4. Worked great with 2.2.6.


Yep, I’m aware. Go get the latest version and you’re good to go.

i like how tablo ripper has a quen that you can pile alot then let it work thru them

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I have not heard of tablo ripper before. Does it move the recordings off your tablo and onto a computer? How does the computer hook up to the tablo? Can the recordings be moved back to the tablo for viewing later? Can you view the recordings on your computer? How can I get tablo ripper?

yes it does the tablo is connected to your network then the program finds the tablo on your network

Also the link to it

They all can export via a queue

Got to say that I use both depending on the mood I am in, or maybe it’s the time of day. I also use Tablo2go (I believe the first available option a member here programmed), Surlatablo (and I believe this was the 2nd app available), and the VLC Plugin from time to time.

All are great apps, from great members, that provide the rest of us options to offload our videos from the Tablo.

We owe each and every one of them a debt of gratitude!