Tablo Exits out Randomly Watching Recorded Show - Roku

Don’t look now, but I just watched a 2 hr recorded show all the way through without getting kicked out AND 4 hours live TV simultaneously both on Rokus.

We have been experiencing the same problem.

Is there an answer?

I am now experiencing this behaviour in the past week watching recorded shows to the Tablo with my Roku. It just drops out and take forever to reload.
The Tablo base runs really hot, so I think I’m going to get a cooling plate to rest it on and see how the performance increases. I"m going to move around my wifi a bit too just in case, but it’s doubtful this is the reason too.

Sad part is, high heat usually means high electricity draw. And this thing is hot all day long, there’s no standby mode. The channel master DVR runs super thin and super cool. I might switch back after my tablo subscription is done.

Its not worth the hassle/subscription cost if it can’t stream to popular devices with reliability

What Roku OS are you running?

What Roku OS are you running?

I’m using newest Roku Stick Software 7.2.0 Build 4100

The electricity draw on the Tablo is very minimal. See this thread: Power usage?

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This problem has been driving me crazy. Last weekend I was kicked out to the guide or the “watch/delete” page multiple times per hour while trying to watch live football games. Same issue a couple of times watching recorded shows. I was pretty sure I had isolated the problem to Roku 3 by correcting it with Roku restarts rather than Tablo power cycles. Tablo support concurred it was likely a known Roku problem with no estimate of a get-well date. I stopped by Wally World on my way home today and picked up an Apple TV 4. Faster, smoother, and no delays or problems through an evening of watching both live and recorded shows. I’ll keep one of my TVs on Roku for Amazon Prime and PlayOn, but will likely grab another ATV4 for TV #3.

Smart move, mate, I might go down that same road. The new version 7.5 that Roku is rolling out is another real bodge as it breaks many apps including the Tablo. I’m browned off enough over the Roku, don’t think it could survive another bad software update before it gets binned.

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It may just be my perception, but the Apple TV seemed to navigate more crisply with less loading time on both Tablo and Sling. I was ready to throw in the towel on Tablo - glad I switched to Apple TV to at least give it another chance. I am a bit chapped that I had to spend another $130 to get the system to function acceptably, but my hatred for Comcast is a powerful motivation.


TabloTV… I will remember this advice! I did as you asked… and upon telling Roku support I had factory reset my Roku… they still advised I remove and re-add the TabloTV channel to see if that helps. I’m not going to get very far with Roku.

@TabloTV @TabloSupport
I’m using Roku 3 with latest software 7.2.0 and the newest Tablo channel
Tablo Quad - wired direct via ethernet with latest beta 8
Roku wired direct via ethernet
Roku kicks me out of video playback on the Tablo channel. It happens randomly, sometimes back-to-back, sometimes five or more times during a 1/2 hour program.
I only use Netflix, Hulu and Amazon on the Roku for streaming video viewing and have not had any problems with those channels, only Tablo.
I put a help ticket in with Roku and still no help…this has been going on for months.

Here is another form of the problem you might encounter. Assume you are using a 4200 Roku 3 latest released roku and tablo software.

Your tablo has no recording being made but one is scheduled for 2PM. You navigate into the recorded shows menu, into a specific show to watch an episode at around 1:30pm.

You are happily watching the show when at exactly 2PM when the scheduled recording starts, the show you are watching exits all the way back to the recordings menu.

You can immediately reenter the show/episode and resume the recordings exactly where it exited.

I’m experiencing the exact same behavior multiple times a day.

I don’t see it that often. But I’ve always suspected that it happens more often when the show that starts to be recorded is a sports or other Live show.

Folks it is a known problem with Roku and Tablo app. While I don’t see a problem except every blue moon with Netflix, Amazon Prime and Plex (once or twice total in 6 mos+ with about 2-3 times the viewing vs. Tablo), the problem happens a lot on Tablo (more than one event everyday). It is very random, doesn’t matter if recorded or live, can happen 5 times in a 30 minutes show, 2 times in a 3 hour sporting event, or not at all.

Nuvyyo says it’s a Roku bug and to submit a problem report with them. However, it’s a lot like sending your wondrous ideas to the President of the United States or to Madonna. Just saying… so… we wait for the resolution to a problem nobody is looking at :slight_smile:

Has this problem always existed? No.

yes seeing this on 11/20, even after the latest tablo update.

on latest roku, it will exit out in the middle of shows.

it seems to happen because of a connection issue, because usually it will wind up having to research for a tablo. sometimes it will work by restarting tablo channel on roku, sometimes it requires a tablo restart, and sometimes it requires a reboot of roku. always it loses a good chunk of the time you watch so you have to fastforward.

if i watch a 3-4hr football game it usually happens at least twice.

this has been happening before and after the latest tablo update that went out last week.

today this happened again with a new “twist”, the tablo had somehow powered itself off. unplugging and replugging it back in did not fix it, had to leave it unplugged for 30 seconds and then suddenly it worked as normal again. it’s in a very well ventilated area so not sure why this is happening. while the cut out and reconnect with recording playback is not new, the auto shutdown in the middle of a recording never happened before.

@PamTinkerbell What version is your Roku on? We’ve had a few folks report the latest update (7.5) appears to have solved this.

@TabloSupport I’m able to confirm I no longer see the random “returns to guide” that were very prevalent prior to Roku v7.5 released earlier this month. I’ve been running 7.5 for ~week and it’s not happened since the update.


Well here it is December 2020 and my new tablo does exactly what this thread was about, exits out of the recorded show near the end twice now on two different shows. Anyone else? Any thoughts on what it needs?

I would manually check for a Roku update. Or try removing and readding the Tablo channel if you haven’t already.

I have last year’s Ultra (4670X), and no problems so far (v9.4.0.4200).

I remember having issues like this with some older Roku models (affected other channels, more than just Tablo), very aggravating, all I could do was wait for a Roku software update.