Power usage?

My 4 tuner tablo gets a little warm when it’s on. Does anyone know how much power it’s using when on? I’m at work now but I have a killawatt-like device at home. If no one posts before me, I’ll try and figure it out this evening.

Despite getting a little warm, the tablo seems to sip power. Just over 9 watts at idle with no tuners operating. Each active tuner adds about a watt to the power usage. 13 watts with all 4 tuners active. Less than scientific experiment but I’m satisfied. I left the power monitor on overnight to record the max reading it sees.

Good job guys! That’s an excellent number!

Thanks for the info, I had been wondering what the power draw was.

I have a TED 5000 energy monitor. I never checked the Tablo, but my 2 DirecTV DVR’s, multiroom broadband adapter and swim power adapter where using 150 watts an hour.

Jeeze. I’d already mailed back my genie DVR by the time tablo showed up. Glad I could help!

I have a Kill-A-Watt somewhere.  If i get some time, Id be happy to get a few stats spread across a days worth of running / recording / watching

Quick update: I had an external drive with an external power brick for first test. Swapping to a drive powered by the tablo bumps the base power usage to about 13W. Still pretty low.