Tablo during an internet outage

agree completely! no technical reason why tablo cannot work short term during an internet outage. after a hurricane, for example, it would be VERY advantageous to access local programming. yes power may be out, but many people have generators, particularly in storm prone areas. a lot of folks these days don’t have portable radios, but pretty much everybody has tv, and having a device that can “stream” local tv would be a very nice thing during those times. this is when i found out about tablo’s shortcomings - running on generator after a storm - tv slowly degraded until it stopped working altogether. thought i had that scenario covered and was surprised/disappointed when i discovered i did not. even worse, when i contacted tablo to ask about it, i was badly treated - like i was some kind of idiot for even asking! don’t think it will ever be fixed - seems it’s ingrained in the tablo ego that this is the way it must be! somebody will come out with a product that addresses this defect, i’ll be a customer!

What device are you using for playback, assuming you don’t have one of the Tablo HDMI versions?

I know Roku DOES allow access in the event of an internet outage, you just have to get past of couple of errors.

Also, as an alternative you could always connect your antenna directly to the TV to get live TV to monitor for weather.

I’m using Roku. And, yes, Roku works without internet - that’s not the issue. I have four TV’s throughout the house, all on Roku via wireless mesh network. Tablo works fine as long as internet is online. When the internet went down, the feed from TABLO (not Roku) slowly degraded until it failed altogether - this behavior confirmed by tablo customer “service” as “normal”. But without internet, Roku offers nothing - that’s where tablo SHOULD come in.

The whole point of tablo and streaming OTA over my network was to avoid having to run coax all over the house - works fine as long as there’s internet online. Still, stupid that it will not allow access to local OTA as long as my network and power are online.

I did some further research this morning, seems HD Homerun does NOT require internet to work. Yes, it does need an internet connection for set up, but from what I’ve read so far it won’t stop working altogether if the internet goes down. I have no idea what a long term outage would do to it - I would guess the guide info would certainly go stale - but I don’t really care. I just want the tv to work if I have a outage for a couple hours/days. I’m old enough the remember when the “guide” was delivered every day in the newspaper - I can live without an online guide for a few hours! More research to do, but this might be the answer.

You didn’t mention how long you expect the internet to be down but the Roku to continue to work, whether when the internet goes down so does your DHCP server, or what your IP lease time is.

I completely agree with you, however I easily discovered this short coming before I purchased my tablo… still grumbled about it. But it’s documented. If/when you need local information I have a TV to watch TV - I find logic in this.

I find it discouraging I need to pay for internet access to watch recordings from free OTA broadcast programing - even though select device may function under ideal conditions without internet. Network connected devices are marketed as requiring internet for basic function.

[TV connected HDMI tablo’s have only been label since Nov '20]

Instead of using an ISP DHCP server you could use a third party DHCP server on your own router, convince your ISP to not stop the DHCP server when the “internet” is down, or you could petition the IETF standards committee to change the various standards.

Or you might try the HDMI model.