Tablo Quad HDMI Non Internet Observations

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which is geared toward Streaming device questions

Disclaimer on firmware 2.2.40 (2207416) because don’t want to check for update yet as it would then re-populate the guide and mess up testing various functions with no guide data.

Purchased Quad HDMI after support (very good on my questions) said it would work using manual recordings and no Internet after initial install. Installed, waited a bit and then turned off WiFi (Internet). Got 2 weeks initial guide and let it run out after 2 weeks to see how it worked with no guide data. Great so far, no guide data and no problems setting up manual recordings. Actually did mostly manual recordings during this period to test manual setup.

Note: Am using App on laptop with a subscription guide service. Tablo subscription guide is very convenient, point and click, but other options are get info from channel guides on web, newspaper guide and such. Did consider purchase of guide but my payment method not accepted by payment processor, no problem.

Well just one issue, setting up Just Once recording am unable to set to my time unless first leave at Repeating (no need to choose days), setting time and then changing to Just Once. Minor annoyance. It seems to prevent from choosing earlier time than you are at even though show will be in future on a different day.

Probably one question would be how it handles date without Internet, my previous DVR averaged it from OAT broadcaster data which sometimes the time was off if station sent wrong data.

You have to think of it as a TV with no guide but capable of recording 4 channels. Tablo guide is very good but I have app on laptop with guide and search functions. Then this is about no Internet.

On manual entry you have to enter a name and for 1 off throw away recordings just enter a letter or two for name to keep simple and quick.

Note: Manual recordings do not handle Seasons. Also for regular programs, say for example if I want Gunsmoke which is on 6 days at same time can enter it using Repeat and clicking on days and it will create for lack of correct word a group and then in recorded shows it will show number of shows there.
But if show (even with same name) is aired at two different times have to create two separate schedules as no way to combine into a group.

In guide screen with no data just scroll to channel and press play or can click on channel number.

The skip forward / backward works nicer on finished recordings by putting up thumbnails that you can skip to end of commercials. In live it has no thumbnails to help. After a bit will develope knack. Don’t care to have to hit skip and then press play but think after reading other topics it provides a pause for streaming devices.

Did find a post when watching live TV you can press up arrow to show guide on left of screen and choose another channel (repeat 2 more times) and the four channels are live buffering (not saving) and you can switch between, pause and skip forward and backward. Initially channel acquisition is slow but once all are buffering switching is quick.

Haven’t figured out how to watch live and quickly tell it to record, go to schedules, a few hoops and it will now record it. Haven’t really explored to see if you can set to capture the buffering yet. This is due to no guide data to tell it when to start and end. Not a deal breaker. Actually with the four tuners it is probably better to plan and record in first place and then have thumbnails available to help skip commercials. Was just habit from old DVR when partway into live you find it interesting and tiring of commercials pushed record button.

Note Disclaimer above as possibly an update may fix some items.

Overall very pleased with purchase and customer support.

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Schedule screen

Have to enter a name manually for each file
Can have files with same name also need to be at least one character (letter or number) long.

In images

Four 1/2 hr. episodes that air back to back. Can just
set to record 2 hrs. but scrubbing is cumbersome.
Created a file for each 1/2 hr. segment, Repeating,
Sat… Now each timeslot will show up in Recordings in it’s own file.

Same basis 3 is at 10:00 a.m., 2 at 8:00 p.m and 4 at 10:00 p.m

Repeating Mon-Sat

Two episodes are back to back on Sun and weekdays is Mon-Fri

Example if click on Recordings Gunsmoke would show the number of episodes in the file.

Showing failed recording

In this shot have to press down arrow to enable choices.
Watch starts playing recording and if you exit and come back and press watch again it will start at where you left off.

This sets recording as not watched and pressing Watch will start at beginning.

Just what they say.

Very nice letting us know your results in detail. Even with the subscription unfortunately there is no way to record a show in progress and also record the part that is in the buffer unless that is something they added recently. That’s too bad as occasionally I will watch something and realize I want to record it after I started watching.

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Know the feeling. Old unit had record button for remainder or whole show, but it was using OTA guide.
Am able to halfway quickly record remainder if I know end time.
Go from buffering channel to Scheduled and + Add New
I just use a single letter for Title
Select channel
Leave Scheduling Frequency at Repeating
Skip Days
Select Time and enter ending time
Go back to Scheduling Frequency and set to Just Once
(I am unable to unable to create otherwise)
Press Create
Will lose a few minutes but after recorded will have skip Thumbnails.
Does not record program in buffer.

Did find out. At moment time is off two minutes 7:55 vs computer 7:57
Started noticing programs were starting part way in. As test scheduled a new recording a2min (quick named for simplicity) same as existing one (The Saint) with just changing the start time to 5:58 a.m. whereas The Saint is set to start at 6:00 a.m.

1: Shows The Saint and in red box paused at point where By Leslie Charteris is added below The Saint.

2: Shows a2min and in red box paused at same point as 1

Also watched on TV on antenna and a2min mirrored the show.

Just info

Edit: minor spelling correction

This is very interesting!

Guide screen (pardon poor cameraman workmanship)
Need a print screen for the TV.

Items 1,2,5 (off screen) are blinking red and recording

Item 3 is cursor? in channel area
To select channel can either press OK or the play button
Right arrow to right will turn that line grey and to select channel have to press play button

Item 4 am watching live

All four tuners in use

Have not found what determines length of live TV buffer. Seems to be 1 hour but have hit other time where it was 2 hours.

Have found when viewing multiple live the red channel indicator may not always show for shows buffering.

Have reset schedules to offset the incorrect time difference and get correct complete shows now.
Botched and missed one, not paying attention to date and a.m. p.m. settings. Lesson learned.

Will have to wait till fall for DST change to see what happens then. Old Dish DTVpal had issues where it was best to redo timers after change, mostly those during period of change. It’s guide was then off for certain channels which was probably due to time when channels sent out new guide data OTA and unit was not refreshed.

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