Tablo Dual Lite Now Just $99

I thought $139 was a fair price for this appliance, being able to get one for $99 is fantastic. On sale now at Best Buy. The Dual w/64GB is on sale for $150 at Amazon, which is also an excellent buy, but with that $50 dollar difference, you can get a 1TB external drive just about anywhere these days. Either way, great news for those uninitiated.

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Showed up Sunday at the end of bestbuy’s weekly ad. It’s a great deal.

I already have multiple tablos so I can’t justify another. But it was surprising that the news didn’t show up until today on either cordcutters news or reddit.

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That’s where I saw the sale (and Tablo), I was in a Best Buy store, it’s one of the sections I generally peruse (where I found my own Tablo a few months back). Great chance for new OTA-centric people to scoop one up.

CCN covered it.

I heard a rumor though that anyone can post stuff to Reddit. :wink:

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I did say today (9/10). And for CCN it was posted after 9am PDT.

The Tablo Dual Lite DVR Is Now for Sale at Best Buy for $99.99

By Luke Bouma on September 10, 2018 in All News, Amazon News, Deals, News

I’m so happy with my Tablo Dual Lite (purchased about two weeks ago), that I’m thinking of jumping on this deal for those times when you need more than two tuners. I realize it would be a separate unit and that each Tablo would need to be selected individually, but are there any problems with managing two of them like that?

I do 99% of my DVR setup on my computer as I find it much easier to do that way. Any issues with the above?

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No issues with that, here’s a suggestion: Set the second one up on a “Guest” network. For example: your current Tablo is on your primary network, let’s call it “Network Good” … set up a Guest network on you router, in this case “Network Good Guest”.

If this works, you can run each one independent of the other - of course, the applicable TV / Box / PC, etc. must also be on the applicable network, etc.

Would you please explain what the advantage of putting a Tablo on a guest wi-fi network would be?

Hello VegasSteve, welcome to the Tablo Community. I haven’t heard of any problems with having multiple Tablo DVRs, except of course, that you have to remember which one has the recordings you want to watch on it.

Why no love for your fellow Canadians? I’d buy one at $99 USD converted to CAD. But only the Tablo store sells them and they are sold out?

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There is no reason at all to have them on seperate networks, and it might not even work. I have two Tablos on my home network, and it is easy to switch back and forth when needed.

This is actually a pretty bad idea… The ‘Guest Network’ settings on most routers disable the device-to-device
communication that Tablo needs to work.

You can name your Tablo ANYTHING you want, so here at HQ (where we have a bazillion Tablo units on the network) everyone has named their Tablo something different.

If you need to connect to a different Tablo, you just disconnect from one, connect to a different one and you’re ready to roll.

People who run multiple Tablo units in their homes sometimes have ‘his & hers’ or ‘parents & kids’ just to make things easier.

No specific advantage, a simple suggestion.

Excuse the hell out of me for living. I’ve tested this in my own home, have encountered no problems with / from router (mesh network). Might be a “pretty bad idea” for some, maybe not for others. I’ll continue to toss out casual suggestions from time to time, you may continue to slam them as you see fit, in this open forum.

I think what we have here is some ambiguity around the term “guest network”. In other words, @TabloTV and @ben1 can both be “right”.

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That’s ironic. Even if you were able to order one from the Best Buy (US) site, it would probably not be such a good buy, once you’ve added shipping, taxes, etc.

Best Buy has been selling them faster than we can keep them in stock. We’ll have to wait for our next factory shipment before we can get them back into stock in Canada.

Glad to hear the setup is working well for you.

Didn’t mean to ‘slam’ your idea, but we have had many customers unfamiliar with networking call in thinking that their Tablo wasn’t working, when the problem was that it was connected to a ‘guest network’.

Mostly added the comment to avoid having folks run into the same problem in the future.

@TabloTV … which is why I stated this:

You pulled nine words out of the two paragraphs, I would suspect that any device user who did the same thing with a User Manual, Instructions or online Tutorials would (of course) encounter problems as well.

Anyone know what speed the 802.11ac is on the Dual Lite?

Excused. But you said there is no advantage, it was a simple suggestion. People are just asking ‘why’ you suggested this. It’s nice to have an explanation.