Tablo Dual Lite Now Just $99


Isn’t that dependent on how many spatial streams the client device and router support, channel bonding, beamforming, etc, etc?

And the max number of client streams that tablo supports is 6. And the maximum recording quality is 10 Mbits per second.


I bought one today (Yay!).

I noticed it will play live tv channels without an attached usb drive. Is this a recent unpublished feature, or is the unit somehow using the Cloud while displaying live tv without an attached drive?


Well gee wiz Zip, that sure was helpful. Perhaps someone a little less perfect might know what it’s theoretically capabilities might be. For example my AC router is billed as an AC3100 router w/ 4X4 MU-MIMO theoretically capable of speeds up to 3167 Mbps. Maybe Zippy knows what the chip/hardware in the Dual Lite is capable of.


They don’t even show up on a search of as available for back-order. At $99 (well, $130 in Canadian), I would think about a 2nd 2-tuner.

I understand supply issues. I can wait until a Christmas sale.


We haven’t signed up with BestBuy Canada as a partner for this product. We’ll be doing all Canadian sales via Amazon & our own web store from now on.


Fantastic! Congratulations on your new Tablo purchase. An attached USB drive will allow you to pause live programming & record a few shows. If you’re just looking to fling Live TV to other rooms in the house (such as a basement, etc.) you’re fine right out of the box.

You’ll get a nice Live TV guide with a beautiful Interface (GUI). If you’re able to fork out a little more for an external hard drive, you can record a ton of programs to view later. And for just a few dollars more (paid monthly, annually or lifetime) you can extend Program Guide / Info for two weeks out.


Thanks for the clarification, ben1.

I believe Tablo has been remis by not making it clear you can watch live tv without a hard drive. They should rather emphasize that a hard drive is only needed for live tv pause and resume, and recording OTA program material.

In my case the ability to watch live tv thruout the house with media players was the prime desire, but to each his own.


I didn’t want to have to do the math.

Isn’t the slowest allowed 802.11ac device at 1 stream and 1 antenna over 400 Mbit/s.

If the tablo only supports 6 streams at 10 Mbits, isn’t the total 60+ Mbits output and allowing for some slop 80 Mbit/s.

Of course if the 5 Ghz channels are total saturated by teenagers playing online video games then the bandwidth is zero.


A hard drive is also required if using more than one tuner. For example, for live TV viewing on more than one channel.


That is exactly how I started out, a simple way to see OTA channels in rooms where I couldn’t get a good (indoor) antenna result. In my case, it did end up unravelling a long stream of events, once I got the “Tablo bug”.

Just couldn’t leave well enough alone, hope you’re able to (haha).


Wanted to purchase the Tablo Dual Lite and it was not available on the Tablo website. I sent a request to Tablo support asking when it will be available from the online store, but did not hear back. So i check the forums to see if anyone else is having troubles getting one, and I see this thread for $99 at Best Buy USA. Thanks! A quick phone call into Buffalo Best Buy and cross into the States, and I had my new Tablo in one hour. Helps to live in Niagara Falls, Ontario. Now I just have to go antenna shopping.


@Cordless-Jake That is fantastic, great score, way to go. You’ll have a lot of fun shopping for antenna, accessories and other ancillary items. Welcome to the world of Tablo-ites.


Popped into a Best Buy on La Brea in West Hollywood, just two left. I picked one up, which I’ll use as a Christmas gift for somebody.

Young girl behind me got the other. They said there were plenty in other stores around the Los Angeles area, and that they expected more soon (not sure I believe this?). As a note of interest, they had a large PILE of HD Homerun Connect Duo(s) at the same price, with a free Amazon Fire Stick.


Hmm. That’s quite interesting. Thanks for sharing. It’s nice to have some more evidence that a lot of people don’t really want to use a PC to record all of the time and perhaps that many people have a Roku and want something that easily works with it.


Dual w/64GB onboard now just $149, that’s only $10 more than the (regular) Dual Lite price.