Tablo does start program being recorded from beginning

To everyone with Apple TV app not working, what model do you have , what TVOS are you on, and where aare you located. Location should not have any bearing on this, I’m just curious.

Good news, we’ve figured out the common denominator between everyone who has encountered this, and a fix is in the works.


Coolio. Care to share what caused the issue or is it too geeky?

I have had the same issue. Was planning to call Support, but checked the Forum first. Glad it is being addressed.
I wasn’t sure if it was Apple tvOS update to 15.6 or Tablo app 2.3.0.
Thanks Mudhead for raising the issue!

Another bug in Apple app is that if I am watching a recorded program and stop somewhere in the middle and either go to another recording or exit Tablo - when I go back to that recording it starts at the beginning and not where I left off. Previously the recording would start at the point I had stopped at. Needs to be addressed as well.
Thanks! And we do love our Tablo at my home.

This has been noted under another topic and is supposed to be fixed together with this topic.

I’m gonna miss my Tablo when I move.Bugs and all.

@TabloTV please fix the bug in Apple TV app where it won’t start playing at the beginning of program WHILE it’s recording.

See this thread: Tablo does start program being recorded from beginning - #7 by djk44883

You are late to the party.

Still having this issue. Apple tv app is up to date.

I have heard nothing about the app being updated from the one with issues. The issues were a result of the most recent update. Patience…

It has been 27d since the announcement that a fix was on the way, any update on when we might see it? Nearing football season here in the US and pausing a 3hr+ game in mid-recording then having it re-start at the beginning is going to be a real PIA.


AppleTV app just jumps to the beginning of where it started buffering when you pause and restart a program. Also, trying to fast forward to where you were instead of where it jumped you back keeps getting to a point in the show and then skipping back to the beginning.

Can you please share how close you folks are to getting to solving this issue for all in this community?

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I reported the problem and received this reply on September 7th:

We are aware of this occurring for Apple TV users, this began with the latest Apple TV update. Our teams are currently investigating these issues. We do apologize for any inconvenience this may cause you. We are looking into potential solutions, however, we do not have an ETA for this at the moment.

The Tablo in my house has one job: football. That does not mean recording and and skipping to the end and ruining the game. That does not mean starting over completed recordings. For this I pay $50 a year. I will not being paying that again because “it’s Apple’s fault” does not instill me with confidence about future releases of the Tablo app.

Now I’m going to put a piece of cardboard in front of the lower half of my TV so I can scrub back to the start of the Ohio game without seeing the score. And that’s a better fix than what Tablo devs have come up with so far.

When you use a proprietary device that is design for a closed ecosystem there could be side affects.

Of course my 2013 roku 3 still works fine with tablo. And so does my 7 year old fire tv stick.

And I don’t think you will be missing much in the ohio vs penn game. And I grew up in ohio and went to college in ohio. Of course if it was an ohio state game that would be different.

Clearly, it’s not a closed system if there are third party apps. The Tablo app works fine with the iPad and iPhone too. I’ll probably AirPlay the Browns game tomorrow to the Apple TV from another device.

However, the point remains that is has been a known issue for over two months. It would seem that the least Tablo reps could do is provide regular updates on the issue. The last one in this forum is from August 4th.

I have used the Apple TV app for years problem free. Tablo comes in flawlessly on my Mac(mind you I have to use Safari.). You could argue that Roku and Firesticks are proprietary too. To Jades point, they acknowledged the problem ages ago and at first they could not replicate it. It IS taking a long time to come up with a fix. In two weeks it will be moot for me. Moving to an area with one over the air signal and selling it now. Actually it is up for grabs now but so far no bites.

Every product apple has is designed first for the apple ecosystem. I don’t think there is a roku ecosystem. And maybe that’s why it’s sometimes hard to get an apple watch to function properly on an android cell phone.

And when there is a problem with a non-apple device, apple may not give any debugging and fixes the highest priority. Of course that might be why I keep both Roku and fire tv stick available. It was a conscious decision to have a backup device.

Are Roku and Firestick not both linux based but with different versions? Anyhow, proprietary or not, the Apple TV has worked seamlessly with its different versions until this one.