Tablo does start program being recorded from beginning

To everyone with Apple TV app not working, what model do you have , what TVOS are you on, and where aare you located. Location should not have any bearing on this, I’m just curious.

Good news, we’ve figured out the common denominator between everyone who has encountered this, and a fix is in the works.

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Coolio. Care to share what caused the issue or is it too geeky?

I have had the same issue. Was planning to call Support, but checked the Forum first. Glad it is being addressed.
I wasn’t sure if it was Apple tvOS update to 15.6 or Tablo app 2.3.0.
Thanks Mudhead for raising the issue!

Another bug in Apple app is that if I am watching a recorded program and stop somewhere in the middle and either go to another recording or exit Tablo - when I go back to that recording it starts at the beginning and not where I left off. Previously the recording would start at the point I had stopped at. Needs to be addressed as well.
Thanks! And we do love our Tablo at my home.

This has been noted under another topic and is supposed to be fixed together with this topic.

I’m gonna miss my Tablo when I move.Bugs and all.