Tablo Crashes when scrolling thru guide

I am a new user to the 4th Gen Tablo. I am using it thru the Tablo app for Firestick.

I notice when I scroll thru the program guide that after a few moments of scrolling, up/down over, etc…that the program crashes. The app closes and goes back to my firestick home page.

Is this a know/common problem? Solution?

Which firestick are you using? There have been known issues with the “regular” Firestick 4k.

I am using the Firestick 4K OS


I think everyone with that particular device has upgraded to a Firestick 4k Max or picked up the cheap $20 Walmart onn 4k streaming box. Both of these solutions have provided excellent Tablo experiences.

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I assume you are talking about the Live TV grid.

My gen 1 4K app works fine EXCEPT that it doesn’t seem to be able to advance further into the future then 2-2 1/2 days. I have 1.5 GB of available storage and if today is 7/9 at 9AM and I have only 63 channels I can page into the until 7/12 midnight before it blows.

Of course I don’t use the grid for the future scheduling. I use the Shows, Movies, and Sports menu to schedule.