Tablo Beta site not loading guide

At, my guide is only partially populating and the info that does show up is completely wrong. At, the guide is correct and loads fully. Is there something going on with the beta site?

Just checked and seems to be working fine on our end.

Can you disconnect and delete your Tablo and then re-add it? This will force a full sync and should get things working properly for you.

Ok, I deleted my Tablo in Chrome by clicking the red X in the connect dialog. The normal site took a couple of minutes to connect and then just went to the live tv screen - no resync as I’ve seen in the past with the ‘page turning’ shows all streaming by. When I go into the settings page, the guide updating progress bar has been sitting at 0% for 10 minutes now. Same in the Android app. The beta site has been sitting for 15 minutes with the spinning circle and ‘cancel’ in red. It apparently doesn’t want to connect at all now.

Just a FYI, I just went in and all was working fine in Chrome for me. Not that this is helpful, but wanted you to know others see it ok.

Weirdness… I would definitely place a ticket with support. Something fishy is afoot:

Ok thanks. Trouble ticket in the system.

Well, I couldn’t wait and ended up doing a total factory reset (after uploading my recordings via Tablo Ripper) and all is well again. Prior to doing the reset, I was unable to connect at all to the web app (both sites) or with Android. The Roku app was slow but worked. Now with everything basically back to normal, I wanted to check the speed of the Roku app. I don’t have any recordings yet but the ‘Guide’ page wouldn’t load. I only let it try for 2 minutes and then went on to something else. I believe I read that the 2.2.8 update addresses this issue so I’ll wait and see how that goes.

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