FDR worked for me!

FWIW - If anyone saw my post about the web app not working for me, Tablo Beta site not loading guide, I was having trouble even connecting via the web or Android. Roku worked but was very slow. I tried several soft reboots with limited success getting the Tablo recognized but still not connecting to the point of watching tv and the sync process didn’t complete at all with any of the reboots. Ever since the 2.2.2 update, which I’m still on btw, I’ve had similar problems to everyone else: slow loading of the Roku app screens, LPW messages, etc. But my recordings have been working pretty much flawlessly and watching live tv, albeit slow to navigate through the UI, was just what I wanted in a DVR with being able to pause and go use the head or whatever. Then last week I couldn’t even connect and everything seemed gummed up. I had also been experiencing the guide problem but thought at the time that it was related to my system. Anyway, I put in a support ticket on Friday knowing they wouldn’t get to it until the following week so by Sunday morning, I couldn’t stand it any more and did a factory data reset. I went through the setup process and everything went smoothly. The sync process completed and I was able to get the guide downloaded quickly. I checked on the Roku app and was bummed to see that the ‘Guide’ page just had the spinning circle for up to 2 minutes and never populated. But lo and behold, I checked it today and it loaded right up - a couple of seconds. I went to the recordings page and it also loaded up immediately. I haven’t seen that since this summer! Granted, I only have a couple of recordings so far since the hard reboot, but even with few recordings before, it took up to 35 seconds to load the page. Now, I feel like everything’s brand new. All my channels are coming in great, no LPW, recordings are scheduled and recording. Live tv is good. Life is good. Save your recordings and do a FDR! It’s a good thing! 2.2.8? Bah! I’ll stick with 2.2.2 for a while longer I think…

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Glad to hear you found something that worked for you! I found doing that along with getting 2.2.7 beta 1 then 2 fixed things for me but started to see some odd things so on the advice of David in support saying beta 4 and 5 (2.2.8 updated) fixed so many things I went ahead and accepted them this evening. Dumb dumb dumb. I am so ticked. I won’t repeat everything from my post in 2.2.8 but it’s not just worse than beta 2 it’s B.A.D. Went and asked the wife how it was going on hers and she said she just stopped using it. I even switched to wifi. I’m down to 720-5 now and watching recordings got better but they just need to get this fixed. It’s that “one step forward two steps back” with this thing.

Exactly. I stayed on 2.2.2 while most everybody else ‘tested’ 2.2.6 for me. Now while 2.2.8 is working itself out, my system is doing what it’s supposed to be doing - recording shows to be watched later while I’m watching something else. Sorry you ended up being one of my ‘testers’ :grin: . I’m hoping one of these firmware updates is the golden one so I can join ya’ll in ‘the future’. For now, I’ll live in the past with 2.2.2.

I am still on 2.1.30, too afraid to update my firmware to any newer release. So far the results of 2.2.8 seem encouraging, but, I will wait a few more weeks before attempting an upgrade.

The 2.1.30 release, even when coupled with the Roku 3 upgrade to release 7.xx, seems to be working pretty well. Now if we could just get the newer firmware releases to work this well . . .

Don’t fix what ain’t broke - right?

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You will need to upgrade to 2.2.2 and then to 2.2.8 as 2.2.2 is a gating release. If you’re feeling dicey about it, 2.2.8 should be GA by Friday so perhaps wait till Monday night to process so that support is readily available should you need us.