Tablo audio out of sync

I have some major out of sync issue (delay) between the voice and video on some channels and recordings. I see that i’m not alone but i don’t see anyone confirming that a solution exist. I have open a ticket last weekend but still no news from Tablo suppoort. Is there anyone here with the same issue ? If yes, did you find a solution ?

Did you open a ticket?

Yes, i have opened a ticket last weekend, but still no news from support. yet :wink:

@TabloTV do you guys have any response to this?

Thanks Jestep :wink:

I do have a question, is it on all recodings or just some? What are you playing it over? Roku, iPad, Android, etc???

What is your recording quality set to? Hardwired or wifi? etc

All of this could come into play.

@Benoit_Vincent Sorry for the wait - but I just checked and we’ve only got one note from you regarding some guide data to be added.

I’d echo @Jestep’s questions (and if you can send us a details in a ticket that’d be great) about which devices this is happening on, and if it’s all recordings and/or live TV.

I have sent a email to ticket and received a confirmation.
Tablo and devices are all hard wired.
Recording quality is set to 1080P
Its happening on both recording and live content.
I see it mostly on CIVM-HD channel. (Kids watch this one all the time). However i experienced this on other channels as well.

[Request received] Audio out of sync

Sep 12 (4 days ago)

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@Benoit_Vincent Yikes - very odd… Nothing by that request ID on September 12. I’ll generate a new ticket for you now and take a look. My apologies for the confusion!

Ok Thank you.

Any word on this issue? I’m seeing the same results today. All wired connection and watching in a Chrome browser. Live TV starts out fine, then a few seconds in it starts getting out of sync. After a few minutes there is probably 10-15 second delay.

See this thread: Lip Sync / Audio Delay Issue

It looks like using the beta site fixes it for those with problems.