Tablo Appears Dead, No Blinking Light... Replace the PSU

This is an issue talked about in a previous post (that I did not want to raise form the dead):

I’m re-posting because this just recently happened to me, after 6 years of problem free operation. And, because Tablo support declared the device dead, it appears this has fallen off their radar as well.

Basically, my device stopped responding, disconnected from the network, and would not reboot. It did not respond to restart button presses, did not blink upon power loss, and would not factory reset. The blue light (while powered) would simply be on solid.

Luckily, I found a compatible PSU (power brick) in the junk drawer(s) and tried it. The Tablo started up, blinked like normal, and connected to the network. Even though the original PSU checked-out on the volt meter (12V, 2A), something was wrong with it.

If this happens to you, some potential sources of compatible PSUs (always check the voltage, amps, and polarity):

Tablo 4-tuner (2014) requires: 12V, 2A (minimum), 5.5mm x 2.1mm barrel connector, center positive polarity

  1. External HDDs
  2. 3D printers (mine is 12V, 7A)

Good luck.

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Cedarrapidsboy, I am now faced with the similar situation. I have a Dual Lite that is 11 months 3 weeks old and now for whatever reason will not show any sort of light. Obviously, nothing connects, resets, nor will any sort of reboot help the situation. I have reached out to support on the matter but it’s the weekend and won’t hear anything till next week. In the meantime, it’s driving me nuts trying to figure it out. I’m in isolation here in my home so there’s not else much I can do.