Tablo App restarts

I have the Tablo Preview app on a Roku 2. I can open it and go to a specific channel and program, but when i click OK on the program to watch it, I get bounced back to the Roku home screen.

Has anyone seen this before? I also have the regular Roku app and i am able to choose a channel and have that work normally.

Which Roku 2? Model 2720 or 4210?


Do you have any type of vpn service setup on your router?

no VPN service.

@crimkid I’d recommend sending us a note with reference to this thread. We’ve got a few ways of debugging this on your setup.

In another thread “No live TV on Roku2” No live TV on Roku2 [comment #12 by “Projectguy”] “Looks like a non-HDMI connection may be the issue.”
Don’t know for sure if this might apply to you crimkid.