Tablo app quits on Fire TV Cube 3rd Gen

Exactly! Again, only on my NVidia Shield/SONY TV, not on my ROKU TV.

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My Roku Ultra and Roku TVs and iphone work as of now.

@269587 did chime in with other device testing.

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And Nvidia, Google, Fire all use some form of Android… so I guess it’s good to know that something is working on the Rokus for a change?

It can sometimes be hard to distinguish one from another if you’re not used to this kind of system. It might seem like the whole thing is rebooting (app & machine) when they’re so tied together.

Good idea to double check!

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Happens too quickly for it to include a reboot of the Tablo, I think. It appears as an instantaneous restart of the App. As soon as I select Live, the sequence starts all over again.

Mine was doing the same here in Texas….seems to have started working right now…

There are several threads going on this topic. Not sure where to post anymore …

I have 4 different TVs each with a variant of FireTV stick 4k, including my main TV which I changed out to the latest 16gb FireTV stick variant when I started down the Tablo path several weeks ago. The Tablo app on all 4 of these, which has been playing live tv fine up ‘till yesterday evening, will now randomly quit the live tv stream after a short time (sometimes immediately) and kick back to some random place in the Tablo app, or kick back to a Tablo app restart, or kick all the way back to the FireTV ecosystem interface.

I have done all the recommended rebooting, restarting, cash clearing, etc. Nothing helps.

I believe the Tablo itself is working fine. It continues to record scheduled programs, all of which playback fine on the FireTV Tablo app. Also, it streams live tv perfectly to the Tablo iOS app on my phone.

I don’t know what changed, but yesterday afternoon we watched the ladies college basketball final live with no issues. For us, the issue started yesterday evening.

Yeah, mine is working now, as well.

Hi folks - We are receiving reports of the apps on Android TV and Amazon Fire TV crashing during live TV playback.

We are investigating this now and will share more details when we have them.


Tablo gen 4 on Amazon fire tv, intermittent stall/lockup today. Also in settings " Guide Updating" has been stuck on 0% since server fix yesterday.

Dare I say my live tv morning news has been stable now for about an hour. Is it “fixed”, or am I just lucky ATM?

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Anyone else out of the woods as well?

Was only having a problem with a 1st gen AZ firestick 4k max, and it seems to be working without issue. Two simple tests gave me 22m on one station, direct switch to another has given 10m and counting.

Thanks for checking in!

Amazon fire tv with tablo 4th gen 2 tuner. Appears stalling/resetting is fixed. However settings’ update guide is non-functional. Reads 0%

Does it still read that when you force quit the app and return to the SETTINGS screen?

I quit the app force closed and deleted cache.
Update guide now is dimmed out, button does nothing. Also tried rescan channels. That doesn’t function either.

Says in red “an unknown error occured” etc.

Have you had any luck rebooting the Tablo itself?

Quick reset of Tablo fixed both problems! Thanks…