Tablo app quits on Fire TV Cube 3rd Gen

Now the Tablo problem du jour is starting today, April 7th, the Tablo app just up and restarts itself while watching live TV. I have rebooted the Fire TV Cube (3rd Gen) I have rebooted the Tablo. It’s still happening. 6 times in the last hour. No new updates are showing to be installed.

Any suggestions? Thanks!

I am having the same problem. I have a Fire TV 3rd generation stick. It was working fine then all of a sudden it starting restarting itself while watching live TV. I have rebooted it and it keeps doing it. Each time it will work fine for a few minutes, then it restarts itself.

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Sometimes a system cache clear / reboot can fix some odd behavior.

Hold down the Play/Pause and OKAY at the same time for about 5-10 seconds. It will say powering off your Fire TV or something and reboot itself.

This is my go-to when things get sluggish or start acting up. Hope this helps – even if not in this specific situation!

Mine started doing it today, too. I have a 4 Gen 2 tuner Tablo running on a FireStick 4K Max.
Restarts and goes back to home screen, sometimes several times per minute. I had to hookup my old FireTV Recast. Hope they fix this soon.

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Same problem here.

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iOS version is fine.

Recordings are playing back fine. Selecting any live tv channel stutters and skips and crashes the FireTV Tablo app.

After the server outage this morning, live tv has been fine. We watched the women’s basketball final this afternoon live with zero issues. Now nada. No live tv station works.

I did a cold restart on both the FireTV stick and the Tablo. Same problem.

Very odd. Other Tablo functions seem fine on the FireTV Tablo app. The iOS Tablo app is fine with live tv. What has changed?


I did some testing on another tv with an older gen FireTV stick with different (older) firmware. Tablo app still crashes streaming live tv. WTF.

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Still happening this morning, even did an uninstall and reinstall of the app.

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Are the TABLO servers down again? I am unable to get access to my new 4th. gen TABLO this morning.

Is my Tablo equipment bad or are the servers down??

Mine is starting up fine.

Did you reboot your Tablo after the servers were back up yesterday?

Mine is up and working at 9:05AM EST.

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Is this just an OTA issue? or is FAST affected as well?

Have rebooted, all works on TABLO but “Live” TV. I wonder if my TABLO is bad?

I would check a few things… you have to wonder about RF signal coming into your Tablo from the Antenna.

Also your internal network… If your Tablo and or you Streaming Device is on the wireless… Check and confirm you have good wireless signal in those locations. You can check within your wireless router (if it has those options).

These are all options that are essential to make this bad boy work properly.

Edit: My test was against my Rokus within my home and 2 iphones. and 1 iphone connected through L2TP VPN into my home running the Tablo APP.

There seems to be some residual effects from yesterday’s server outages.

I’m just an at-home use, trying out different sticks/devices … and it seems some are working better than others. My Amazon Firestick 4k Max 1st gen is having problems, but the 2nd gen isn’t. In the process of testing FireTVs themselves, but my GoogleTV is fine. Roku is another one I might test later… but I tend to keep that one buried in the chili pot in the back of my kitchen cabinet.

Could you remind us what you’re using to view your Tablo on?

They’re down in Texas."…hit live and 5 seconds later Tablo reboots…

Tablo reboots or your streaming device reboots?

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Tablo reboots, not my Shield. Yet my ROKU TV is solid. It isn’t really a reboot, though. What happens is that whatever I am watching, the guide or a show terminates and the screen reverts to Tablo starting again.

So the Tablo APP restarts and not actually the Tablo device, right?

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